Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! (1st Edition) – Episode 7

I became very confused as to who to choose; Darasimi or Oluwaseyi. I regretted ever employing the tactics my senior colleague gave me, in my relationship with Darasimi. Because if I had not considered doing it, there wouldn’t have been any Seyi who with all convictions really loved me. Darasimi was yet to do what was expected of her. Over 3 weeks of NO connection, talk, message, or chat…..I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted my Darasimi back. I missed the every Sunday meetings in my house. Darasimi wasn’t the lovely and playful kinda lady but I still wanted her back.

I had already forgiven her. I was only waiting for her to do the right thing – come look for me to know exactly what was going on and do her best to get her love back if she really loved me. It was obvious, she never cared or was just too lazy to fight for her love. Darasimi knew my house, she had free access to my house, she knew when I would be at home….even if I had not been picking her calls and replying her messages…..throughout the 3 weeks, she never bothered coming to ask what was really wrong, and know why I suddenly changed. My colleague in office told me if she didn’t do this, if she can’t fight and do everything to get her love back, then she never loved me. I should just LET HER GO if I don’t want FRUSTRATIONS and HEART ATTACK in my relationship.

I went against my colleague’s advice and added Darasimi back on all of my social networks. To my greatest amazement, she accepted all my requests. Without wasting much time, I sent her a message on facebook and we started chatting once again….I was the MOST HAPPIEST man on earth…..bringing back my Darasimi.

Seyi as lovely as she used to be never stopped getting in touch with me. To appreciate her love and care during the 3 weeks of NO CONNECTION with Darasimi, I decided to celebrate her birthday with her. Bought her some lovely gifts and told her to meet me at a cool relaxation center for a drink and soup. I had a little celebration with my friends at office before going to meet her. Of course, Darasimi didn’t know about this. My plan was to announce to Seyi to let’s stop seeing each other that I already have someone I really love in my life. I knew Seyi will lose her senses the moment I let that out of my mouth but sincerely I no longer have nothing to do with her anymore….my contract with her was over….Darasimi was back….Don’t say I was mean and wicked….I just couldn’t share the love I had for Darasimi with another lady.

Seyi arrived on time but wasn’t granted access into the relaxation center….she called me to come bring her in. I got to the entrance of the center and saw Seyi in a new, different and adorable style. The securities allowed her in, on realizing she was my guest…..she smiled and held my hand while we walked into the bar. Darasimi has never allowed me hold her hands while we walk. Seyi got me cracking. I couldn’t say anything about we breaking up or so anymore. I felt like a king sitting with her, looking straight into her bright and ever shining eyes, she smiled occasionally, she did almost all the talking. I have never felt that way before in my life. Seyi was simply a lady from another planet….very understanding, a good listener, a divine helper and a wonderful companion. No doubt, Seyi was the kind of lady I wanted.

I handed the gifts to Seyi and we both left the bar happy. It was until I got to office that I remembered I had forgotten to end everything I have ever had with Seyi. I guess her good gesture charmed me.

Darasimi and I got back on track. When I told her why I took such a decision and that my motive was to make her a better lady in our relationship. As usual, she wasn’t moved by my reason….I guess. Cuz the way she reacted to my revelation didn’t show any sign of repentance.

Darasimi gave me every right to start comparing her to Seyi which I never intended to do. Darasimi’s attitude changed a little bit, she became more loving and caring. Darasimi and I saw almost thrice a week. Seyi and I only chat and talked on phone, we didn’t get to see each other as regular as I saw Darasimi.
Seyi was far, yet so near.
Darasimi was near, yet so far. But I still loved her with everything.

I was the first to wish Darasimi a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on her birthday. I had plans to hold a little surprise birthday party for Darasimi at the same venue I celebrated Seyi’s birthday with her. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much cash on me that period. So, I got her the best gift I would ever give a lady. I made my families, friends, fans, team mates and colleagues at office wished her HAPPY BIRTHDAY through various medium. Her phone was flooded with messages. I went extra mile by leaving office earlier than normal just to be with her. She brought drinks for my friends and I….I bought more drinks and we all got drunk after she left my house.

There was never a day Darasimi came to my house and would leave me HAPPY, her birthday wasn’t an exception. My spirit will one way or the other be DOWN. I would not just feel good. I always regretted allowing her come in the first place. One crazy thing that always happened which I sincerely don’t know how it usually happened – I used to sleep any time we were together. Darasimi would actually sit and watch me sleep until I wake up. This wasn’t right. No matter how hard I tried not to sleep in our next meeting, I still found myself sleeping. She was always complaining about this. But, what was I supposed to do when even if I don’t sleep, we were like strangers (who have been brought up not to ever talk to strangers) locked up in a room.

After every meeting, with my unhappiness I always let her know how I thought and felt I was suffering in my relationship…..and how I wasn’t enjoying every bit of my relationship with her…..Darasimi would say she knew I was suffering that things would get better. I pray.

Like Seyi always knew whenever I wasn’t happy, she’d call every time Darasimi has performed her usual rite….Seyi would ask me to chat with her if I was unable to tell her why I wasn’t feeling good. Seyi would make sure I slept HAPPILY and felt good.

The worse happened between I and Darasimi one day when I slept twice within 2 hours of her visit at my place. What dha hell? I slept and woke up….I slept again and woke up…..then she got up and left….I don’t see her off. Stopped doing that long time ago. As Darasimi stepped out of my house, I knew she had stepped out of my life for good. What on earth would have caused me to sleep twice with my so called girlfriend by my side? I got tired and fed up of my relationship all at once. It has just been unsuccessful and boring all the way. I couldn’t go any further. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

No more Darasimi in my life…..I’d at least be at peace and not panic over a relationship that has never got benefits and promising future. POOR and seem UNREALISTIC.

That happened on December 26th, and up till this very moment, I’m yet to miss a call from Darasimi. I relocated from Osogbo to Ibadan, Darasimi never bothered to call or enquire to know why I had to do that. I didn’t change my line. She’s still gat me on all her social networks. I became a ghost who she doesn’t even see at all.

I won’t say much about Seyi…..all I’d just let y’all know is:
Darasimi came into my life so I can learn to really love and cherish the real lady for me – Oluwaseyifunmi.

The END!

Allow me to end this edition with a message to all aspiring Darasimis out there:
1. When He says Sorry even though He didn’t do anything.
2. When He cries because he still Loves you or misses you.
3. When He still tries to get you back.
4. When no matter how much you hurt him, he still loves you.
5. When He stops his argument with you to save his relationship.
6. When He continuously makes you feel special & tries to make you Happy always.
7. When He is upset but doesn’t tell you as he thinks he is annoying you.
8. When he wants to Leave you, because of your rude behavior, but he is not able to do so.

Ladies! Don’t lose such a guy because such guys are very rare. Believe ME!


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