The Anthem (Part 2)

The Anthem (Part 2)

Heed to the sound of the trumpet
Arise, O compatriots,
Let’s save the 247 girls this day
Nigeria’s call obey
To serve our Fatherland
Putting a stop to all which is bad
With love and strength and faith.
To give to us a new fate
To make today’s sorrow our last
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain,
And their visions and dreams shall no longer remain lame
Together we shall stay strong and fight
To serve with heart and might
For the 247 girls to regain their freedom
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity
Found only if their is justice in the society

One thought on “The Anthem (Part 2)” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. like a ceramic plate
    falling in a state
    cracking into pieces
    stealing the people’s peaces

    oh! it’s caused misery
    a melancholia like a mystery
    lasting longer than imagined
    in a nation that for long hinged

    upon vice and strife
    taking away life
    like a gruel
    spoilt by a fuel

    truly, justice is fold
    among people of different folds
    selling their rights
    even as the proceed with so many rites

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