The Anthem (part 1)

It’s the coming together of thy seed
Nigeria, we hail thee,
Our own dear native land,
That has my roots on her ground
Though tribe and tongue may differ,
And our beliefs too differ
In brotherhood we stand,
Each of us like a strand
Nigerians all are proud to serve
If given the chance to live freely and serve
Our sovereign Motherland.
The place my ancestors lived
Today on the threshold of uncertainty I fall
Our flag shall be a symbol
That truth and justice reign,
Not misguided men reign in our terrain
In peace or battle honoured,
Our blood saved and lives valued
And this we count as gain,
To hand on to our children
including the abducted 247 children
A banner without stain
And a chance to reign.
O God of all creation,
A father to all creations
Grant this our one request,
Even though we be mere dust
Help us to build a nation
Where there is equal hope for the unborn generation
Where no man is oppressed,
A time where the chibok girls are freed
A land everyone man, woman and child is free in the society
And so with peace and plenty
Nigeria may be blessed
And all live in rest

One thought on “The Anthem (part 1)” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. this is beautiful, I must say……………..and the end rhymes, just perfect…….

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