Its another time

To really appreciate appreciation

As it concerns you, O Lord.

You have not killed me

When i lean more to Sisqo and 112

Instead of regurgitating

On what a gift and voice

Tony Evans is to the world.

You did notĀ  deny me the house on the hill

When i cannot lay a forefinger

On who i am in your Body

Or how close or far

I have been

To fulfilliing Your purpose

Blessings are not surety

Of your presence

Yet in my soul

I feel your grip

Vice-like, strong, and real

Like a lover threatened

Like a hungry manĀ  a morsel seen

Or deer a drop smelt.

O what a miss of a being i am!

To deny such tender hands outstretched

To spurn such love unparallelled

Are you made of cobalt, tungsten or diamond?

The strength of commitment you show

To our love contract

Is simply amazing.

You mean you wont give me Your smite

And make my story like a myth

When evil and bad

Are in a permanent tenancy agreement

With my mind?

Despite all i hear i wander

Through all i wonder

Whether you will let me wither

Please Lord, dont

Because i acknowledge You.



6 thoughts on “Acknowledgement” by raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

  1. Awww…..I could turn that into a song! This was nice

    1. Turn it then and let’s celebrate you… :)

      1. @ufuomaotebele, waiting for the lyrics… :) :)

  2. @innoalifa lol u will grow grey hair… song writer lol

  3. @ufuomaotebel, and you will grow beautiful white hairs…*smiling*

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