A note to a critic

Closed books for a nation
Lost words for a generation
Not a poem – a statement
No need for comments
Opinions not needed
Opinions not asked
Career made from correcting mistakes
Humanity on platter spirit breaks
Vanity rewards correction’s correctness
For posterity – correct this
Corruption that rocks the nation
Race to earn without labour in this generation
Covetousness termed ambition
Untrained untamed tongues labeled freedom of expression
Untrained kids in the name of enlightenment
Exploitation of the poor christened lottery
Rewarding laziness and crime with welfare and amnesty
Perversion celebrated and honoured for honesty
Until you correct these get off your high horse
For the much you know makes no difference

2 thoughts on “A note to a critic” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. Not a poem but one under that category… Nice!

  2. ‘smiles”yea but not still a poem lol

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