Why can’t we live without stepping on each other’s toes?
Why can’t we live without taking advantage of one another?
Why can’t we walk to our neighbor’s door step and knock on it anytime without being rejected and be welcomed always?
Why can’t we live without envy?
Why can’t we live without prejudice and sentiments?
Why can’t nepotism find its way out of our lives?

Why does evil rage and people desire vain things?
Why can’t our good heart desires be met?
Why is it too difficult to be our brother’s keeper?
Why can’t we have a world where love and peace abound?
Why does the poor die still in penury?
Why has being nice become a fault?

Why do lovers cheat on themselves?
Why can’t we say ‘l love you’ and really mean it?
Why can’t the good people of the earth be recognised?
Why has corruption eaten into us like canker worms?
Why can’t we all aspire to be good people and stand on it?
Why can’t we all say ‘YES’!?
Why can’t we all tell the truth and shame the devil?
Why is it so difficult to do good?
Why can’t we be perfect ladies and gentlemen?

Why can’t good prevail over evil?
Why can’t people toil and not toil forever?
Why is little wealth not enough?
Why can’t money buy us everything?- of course it can’t buy happiness!
Why should the love of money be the root of evil?

Why can’t we have best friends forever?
Why can’t we be trusted?
Why can’t we trust each other at our own detriment?
Why can’t we all be loyal to our boss, spouses, family and friends?

Why are we all guilty of one thing or another?
Why can’t we all embrace CHANGE?

To make this world a better place, I guess we all must be ready to be free from our guilts….
This world can be a better place, but only, only, only if we surrender to nothing but change.
It begins with you and me from right inside our homes!

4 thoughts on “Whys?” by Martha (@Martha)

  1. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    why? why is because people are not equal and we are not the same
    the question is can we be equal and can we be the same?
    Nice work…well done

    1. @MARTHA, a good try as @Jessy_deremi commended… keep on right there… you could spare some time checking my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/04/one-night-at-nine/#comment-138187

  2. Because that’s how the world is; never peaceful. Also, people are not the same; people are good and people are bad.
    Well done.

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