When ideology overcomes biology

When you sit there in your dressing
Counting your blessings as some are weeping
78 souls given relocation
In the capital city of my nation
You go to bed kissing
Someone else goes missing
In the name of fun
In Kansas USA a gun man kills 69year-old and grandson
A prayer for the lost kid, a prayer for the family
For wearing a suit too long changes your ideology

Religious ideology killing God
Giving power to man made gods
It has made waste of civilization
It has killed generations
True religion connects man to his creator
Not making one creature a numerator and the other a denominator
Religion is meant to develop humanity
Foster co-existence among all entity
Divinity that asks followers to fight is weak
Divinity the preaches killing the unbeliever is sick
For if the God you worship gave life to the ubelieving
Why take life from the unbelieving
Religion goes wrong when it seeks to be right
A religion of peace between the believing and unbelieving show might
For when religious ideology overcomes biology
Then ideology overcomes biology

Governance today is about the preservation of power
Governance has become a goal of conserving power
A will to monopolize power
And give orders from high towers
True power is executed from service
Temporary power is from the office
Office power fades once seat is vacated
Service power multiplies after seat is vacated
A man with office power gets followers while in office
A man of service commands followership after office
Any man willing to kill the led to lead
Has lost the authority to lead
Politics should be about the people and the willingness to serve
Biology suffers when politics is about politician being served
For when political ideology overcomes biology
Then ideology overcomes biology

Money is a good servant – a bad master
Money should never become the minister
Money improves the quality of life
But money isn’t life
When money is loved
Humanity is dead
We are to love people and use money
Today we love money and use people
The gap between the have and have not increases daily
Have not turn cannibals and invade security
Hunger making sinners of men
The love of money making demons of men
For when economical ideology overcomes biology
Then ideology overcomes biology

Ibis has made ignorance stand tall
There exist no one rule for all
All are born equal but some grow more equal than others
For laws with immunity are made for selected few and laws made for others
Skin colour is nothing but melanin’s chemistry
For you can’t hate my roots and love the tree
We might be unique but not better
We may be deformed but not less
I may be less privileged but not inferior
You may have gotten to the top before me but you are not superior
For when we bleed – we all bleed red
In the end – we all end up dead
In pain – we all shed tears
In our closet – we all have fears
All cultures have their strength and weakness
A focus on our strength will eclipse our weakness
If religious – we all are from one God
If scientific – we are all from same big bang
We are all one genetic blood
Though environment has diversified the flood
For when ethnic ideology overcomes biology
Then ideology overcomes biology

You have your ideology – your thoughts for living
I have my ideology – my thoughts for living
Ideology places one life over that of humanity
Ideology breeds insanity and profanity
He is important, she is important
You are important, and I am important
Our lives are more than individual ideology
Life is meaningful in the absence of personal ideology
Religion is for the upliftment not judgment of humanity
Politics is for the direction not bondage of humanity
Economics is for the order not hierarchy of humanity
Ethnicity is for classification not division of humanity
For man was before religion and politics
And man was before economics and ethnicity
Humanity remains human when love is promoted
As caste and race are demoted
Our biology – Our lives – Our future
Our generation – Our nation
Where everyone is valued equally in a generation of love

8 thoughts on “When ideology overcomes biology” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. I love this… but it would have been greater if it rhymed throughout without annihilating the intended message…

  2. note taken boss, thank you sir

  3. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    @innoalifa this piece wouldn’t have been this beautiful if he didn’t construct it this way. Nice work @ogbolesamson

    1. @Jessy_deremi, it’s good you’re coming on, supporting @ogbolesamson, he has actually done a good job just that there’s always room for improvement…

      1. @jessy_deremi thanks a lot, i appreciate. @innoalifa…yes boss, true – we improve daily or rot at a stand still

  4. Amen to that! I completely with you and really like this @ogbolesamson! Good job!

  5. I meant to say,I completely agree with you…

    1. yes ma. thanks

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