We know life gives a lemon

We know life gives a lemon

The first time I made a lemonade
was in a jar full of slump biscuits.
I crunched them with the taste
of a cranberry and it soaked
into my soul of parched
land which has nothing to do
with the rain being nice or a
distant cousin. I rode down that
line in my 2000s and remembered
that I’m like an octogenarian who
has grandsons of an emotive
downsides. If I hide no more,
my human may be shivering
perhaps sad that I once loved
my Stalin line that claims a
savior. Atop the balcony at Awada,
where I watched few children play.
I made a silly mistake being one
since my birthmonth became January
and after that, I still make a lemon lemonade and sip it till it becomes

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      1. @Godson, hoping to read more of your works…

  1. I like this one.

  2. Kaycee, thanks for reading.

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