I’ve been through stages on earth
I’ve been rich
I’ve been poor
I’ve been in the middle class
Now I realize, that God has a purpose for all His creations

There’s nothing worth fighting for on earth
For i in fighting for peace, we get war
In fighting for justice, still we get war
We fight for our human rights, we get blood shed
In fighting for food, we still are hungry for more
Even when we get, its still never enough

Everything will pass away someday
Today’s gold is tomorrow’s copper
Clothes in vogue today are rags for tomorrow
Hair-dos too fade away
Our bodies shrink
Everyday we move closer to our grave

That’s why I wonder why we rush
Why can’t we understand that we can’t live forever

Even the wealth we gather will be taken by someone else after we’re gone
How I wonder
I only wonder
Why the rush?!

Everything will surely come in place
Everyone will have their own share of the cake
Only if we’ll wait
Then the table will turn to us at our own right time
A thousand years in our eyes is a day in God’s

If only we’ll all wait
Am sure our golds will last forever
But only, if only we’ll all wait!

3 thoughts on “Wait!” by Martha (@Martha)

  1. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    it’s not that easy…

  2. That’s how life is and should be. Without hate, we won’t appreciate love. Without war, we won’t appreciate peace. Without the Devil, we won’t appreciate God.
    It’s the way of the world. Life will surely not be enjoyable without the varieties we see in the world.

  3. Yes oh. Nice poetry, today’s gold is tomorrow’s copper. i wish our politicians would realize that.

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