Deep feeling in my heart

Sorrow and I so part

I say everyday

Speaking, soliloquizing like am nuts

Emotionally it hurts

Do I stay and get slayed?

On the street, away

Destiny and reality delayed

A soul seeking help

Uncertainty known with every step

The truth blown away like Siamese

All around like touché

Hmmn! thinking about all these

Everything has no cliché

Where are the men of deep thinking?

They talk away claiming to be kings

Promises my soul knows no inkling

A future before my eyes dangling

Would it one day be

Uncertainty becomes of me






11 thoughts on “Until…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. It appears this is your first post here… I really love this poem for it is simply enthralling… waiting to read more of your poems… :)

    1. Yes. Thanks a lot sir…As the lord wisheth… :)

  2. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    Lol nice

    1. Thank you :)

  3. This struck me as having some pretty deep undercurrents–
    care to share your inspiration? (I think it’d help me appreciate it better.) @ELIZABETHII

  4. “Even as your body betrays you, your mind denies it.”
    ― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

    @kwiksie Undercurrents…somehow but i’d rather share with my poem ,else I’d be making myself vulnerable…
    Thanks for reading :)

  5. @kwiksie My I could be for something/someone else…being stated as such makes it more understandable.

    1. Lol. Alright @ElizabethII, I hear you. We don’t want to bare it all now, do we?
      Still a nice piece though. :)

  6. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @ElizabethII, this reads like a spoken-word performance; do you do that stuff? Good start here, welcome.

  7. O-Money :) …YES, I write *basically Rap* songs (songwriter)

    Thanks for accepting me… :)

    @Jessy_deremi & were true
    even @Omoniyi-Adeshola got the point

    your poem like a veneer
    has underlying bearings
    to commend is only best
    meant for the rarest……………………………GREAT!

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