Ultimate Question

The mind is created with emotions
Fear, hate, love, it all depends on those we give sufficient devotion
Because just like our senses, those you put in motion are those that help u gain promotion

Imbedded in every man is the idea of security
And a few of us love immortality
So we dig deep within us to understand the essence of our existence
We probe our conscience for something of importance
In there, in our private parts lies questions
Questions too numerous too mention
And too intangible to hold on
Questions that are best talked about unspoken
Because we all fear asking them would leave us broken
We seek answers
Moving to the beat of life like drunk dancers
We sway from left to right hoping to catch in off guard
But the towards it, the farther
And so we have given up on the quest to
Or atleast a good number of us have to
Because its stupid seeking answers to question that would never happen
Our quest has made our once blunt minds sharpened
But not sharp enough to cut through the core
We have found a way to defile gravity, yet we fall
What is the question? They lye in our private parts
Parts of us that can’t be seen or touched
Parts we adore and love
Parts we fear and cherish
Because without them we perish
We quest on for some truth
Because the ultimate question is

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  1. …hmmm, the subject-matter of the poem is… …quite unclear…

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