Treasure and the lucky digger (part 9)

Having said that, Mum stood up and left my room with annoyance written all over her face.

My headache came again. I lay on my back in bed. I did not care about what Dad might also say about him if he returned from the office.


About three weeks later, I was no longer myself in the house. Over the weeks I had been feeling all sorts of illnesses. I would feel feverish in the morning, and before mid-day I would regain my health. Sometimes, the fever would be replaced with a short-lived dizziness. I thought it was the memory of the incident that was causing it. Or could it be because I hadn’t seen Festus for a while? We had only been communicating through BBM and voice call. That wasn’t enough. I felt like sitting next to him every day. Exam was still in progress. If not, I would have organized a date somewhere around my home.

Dad and Mum even contributed to my sickness every day. They would keep reminding me about Alfred’s arrival. Now his arrival was two days’ time. After too much pressure from Dad I pretended as if I accepted Alfred. Mum had given me his phone number and Facebook ID. They would ask me to speak with him on phone in their presence, and they would be smiling with fulfillment. I did not like to see my parents getting downcast because of me. But I knew I would find a way to avoid Alfred’s relationship. They could only impose a man on me. “Is it possible to force my heart on him?” Dad insisted on sending me to Harvard university two months’ time. I didn’t think that would be possible, but I did not object to it. I thought my parents were looking for a way to separate me from the man of my heart. I had to come up with my own plan soonest.


Mum asked our driver to take me to Amigo super market for the latest designers and new set of jewelry. Before setting out I went straight to the bar to take a cupful of wine. As I was pouring the wine, the single goblet started multiplying in my eyes …. into two, three, four, five, six until I could see it no more. I could see nothing, but a blank misty space. I thought I was feeling sleepy. Like a burning candle, my legs began to melt away; not supporting my weight any longer. I felt my body lowering to the ground like a falling tree.

The crash of broken glasses jerked me back to consciousness. I was lying weak on the floor, my yellow gown soaked with a red wine, and all around me were shards of a broken goblet. An alarming noise came from our maid. Three security guards rushed inside to lift me on the couch. Mum and Dad had gone for an occasion, but I heard the maid calling them on phone after calling the guards to help me.

To my greatest surprise, Mum came back with the family doctor, Dr. Maxwell. I glared at Mum as she asked the doctor to start examining me. I did not think my dizziness was something serious to deserve a medical attention. Dr. Maxwell finally told Mum that I needed to rest well, but I must come to the hospital on the following day with a sample of my early morning urine.


I had been awaiting Dr. Maxwell in his office for over thirty minutes after tendering the urine sample . After a while he came back with a smile on his face. He gave me a folded paper as a result of the conducted test.

“Sir, is it malaria or fever?” I asked impatiently.

“Sharon, I would like you to see for yourself.”

Anyway, If it was not a fever it might be another sickness entirely. Utterly confused, I was unfolding the paper with hesitation. Our doctor had never, in any circumstances, given me a folded paper before announcing my symptoms to me.

When I eventually revealed the content, my heart skipped a beat. PREGNANCY TEST RESULT – three weeks pregnant!

I grabbed my chest as if to prevent my pounding heart from breaking out.

“Is this result for me, sir?” I showed the paper to Dr. Maxwell in devastation.

“Yes, you can see your name on it,” he nodded and smiled again, his eyes popping out behind his spectacles. I felt like slapping the smile off his face. Why must he mock my misfortune?

“I am in trouble, sir.” My voice trembled.

“Trouble, in what way?” He said, his brows creasing with confusion.

“I’m still a student. I’m not ready for this … please, sir .. sir, can … can you … Is there any drug you could give me to flush the pregnancy away, since it’s still early?”

Dr. Maxwell looked angry after my statement. He said I must not take any action on the pregnancy until my parents heard about it.

“As far as I’m concerned,” he continued, “I don’t think your parents will ever allow you to take such a risk.”

I sighed with distress. This pregnancy was just a mixed feeling for me. It was unfortunate and disgraceful that I conceived at the wrong time. Again, I felt it would prevent my parents from imposing Alfred on me.

I felt the vibration of my phone in my jeans trousers. It was Festus’ call. He was calling at the right time. I must tell him about the pregnancy there and then.

“Hello! Festus, there is a pro…”

“Sorry to interrupt you,” Festus said abruptly, sounding a bit nervous, “I have to tell you this. I told you about Lizzy, my ex-girlfriend, right?”

“Yeah, you did. What about her?”

“The girl has been pregnant for over three months now. And she told all her friends that … that … that….”

“That what?”

“…that I was responsible for it. Although….”

“She said what!” My voice thundered with shock.

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