To Those Who Sit In Dark Places

To those who sit and dark places,
To plot the downfall of the just.
To those who gather with hidden faces,
To cause nothing to the righteous but a fall.
Posterity says it has not slept or forgotten;
Nemesis has just one message: ‘I am coming.’

To those who sit in high places,
Looting and stealing collective resources without care.
To those who fight and leave in their wake broken maces,
And promise to wreak more havoc without fear.
The law of ’cause and effect’ says: ‘I am still active, ‘
The grave says: ‘Inside me is where you’ll live.’

To those who gather in religion’s name,
To destroy, maim and kill.
To those who deceive the people with clause and phrase,
To keep them perpetually in need.
Scripture says: ‘The triumph of the wicked is not for long, ‘
Life says: ‘Remember Abacha and return.’

James Ogunjimi

3 thoughts on “To Those Who Sit In Dark Places” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. @Hullerj, wow! This is really nice but…
    I was wondering whether the first line is supposed to be “To those who sit and dark places” OR “To those who sit IN dark places” Check out my poem at Thanks!

  2. Good poem for those who sit in dark places

  3. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @hullerj, I think this poem had huge potentials, I had legs…not sure if it ran as fast as it could though. Good stuff though.

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