‘No matter how full you are, there would always be space,’ Lord Lugard (1800)…lol.

I don’t know for sure if the above quote is real, or a figment of my fertile imagination. All I know is that something like it rings a bell within me! It stems from a meeting I once had with a Christian Evangelist many years back.
He came to our church during a Youth Retreat program, and spoke about how he used to be a bad boy at the Lagos State University (LASU) in those days, fomenting trouble all the way. A statement of his resonates with me till date, “I was never comfortable in a place where there wasn’t trouble. If there was peace, I always made sure I disrupted it; that was how I got high!” the Evangelist recalled, even as my teenage-self latched on to every word of his, easily seeing a bit of myself in him.
He told me that every human being has a vacuum that needs to be filled, and even though I was 19 years old at the time, it literally seemed he was mirroring my thoughts. Many years after, the points he raised still holds true!
At this point, may I ask you a question? What do you feed on? What gets you ‘high?’
Actually, many of the problems in this world stem from the fact that people try to fill the vacuum in them with the wrong stuff.
Conversely, the world is working because some people have filled their holes with the right material.
That’s why I have to ask again.
What floats your boat? What flies your kite? What tickles your fancy?
Man is born with a HUNGER and until he fills it, he will never know peace!
The beauty of life is that age is neither a barrier (nor consideration!) If you discover what fills your inner void at an early age, the better for you! Albeit, it’s never too late to come to terms with the real you!
Forget his father’s wealth, Davido is where he is today because he recognised and sought about filling the vacuum in his soul at an early age. You would agree with me that there are a thousand and one other more lucrative business ventures that he could have ventured into other than music, but that young dude snuck back into Nigeria and squatted with a friend (even though his father was one of the wealthiest men in the country). Now, that’s passion right there! What’s yours?
Until you find it, and run with it, you would never amount to anything!
How would Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, be like he if he stopped writing? What would King Sunny Ade (KSA) look like if he stopped performing music?
The truth is you would never be full unless you stuff yourself with the exact thing your soul yearns for…there’s no two ways about it!
I hate to borrow a negative example, but please allow me.
Have you ever wondered what makes human beings (like you and I) willingly strap on vests laden with bombs and walk gleefully to their death (and that of many others) chanting praises to God?
Don’t lie; it doesn’t make any frigging sense!
But we have lots of those kinds of people living in our world today. Because somebody, somewhere has found a way to manipulate and feed the HUNGER in their souls with the wrong s**t!
Man is created to be significant, so if she doesn’t find an outlet to express her greatness, there would be trouble.
Believe me, coming on this site filled with hate about everything that’s going on in the society wouldn’t help you a bit! It wouldn’t really help for you to sit at home all day, lamenting how your husband/wife never seems to have any time for you, either.

You need to find what makes you glow…seriously, we all have it! Do that, and even your spouse would start begging you for attention!

Don’t betray the child in you. Perhaps, it would do a lot of good for me to ask the same question world renowned motivational coach, John Maxwell asked me, “Would the child you were, be proud of the man/woman you are now?”

Please, don’t neglect your childhood fantasies; they aren’t childish…they are who you are!

You only live once; don’t let your happiness depend on another man!

Darn all, and follow your heart for that’s the true path to happiness, whether you’re a man or woman!

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  1. it’s true that every heart is a vacuum waiting to be filled, how we achieve happiness and sustain it in an attempt to fill the vacuum within is what life’ long journey is all about… I can’t deny that the above narration is quite insightful…

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