The Devil Attacked


When she heard a strange voice…

 She was puzzled and in distress

 She couldn’t control herself, she couldn’t help but obey

 The order was so firm!

 It wasn’t her desire,

 She spoke in defense saying, “How would you ask me to take it? Why 

would you ask me to go there? But I don’t need it!”


But unknown to her she fell in compliance.

 She obeyed! It was like a paroxysm

 Very funny to the devil, he had it all…

 his rules of course are not pleasant,

 his wishes are not favorable even his thoughts are deadly to mankind.

She felt her heart at war, and it trembled!

The depths of her heart was filled with darkness, she was in obscurity

 After obeying that slow and forceful voice, she was caught hiding, made to run and was humiliated.

his wish was fulfilled…

She wept out loud! Screaming like she was dying, she was plangent

Everyone thought the situation to be quirk.

She tried to explain no one believed… one ever believes

No one ever understands the devil’s work, only a few recognize it

The devil…

he has just put up another situation again… he attacked!



4 thoughts on “The Devil Attacked” by Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

  1. Funny. But I don’t know that the devil has so much power. When people can not control themselves, they blame the devil.

  2. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    @Myne when people loose control of themselves i call it “urge” we can’t control it… even if we do not want to do it, we end up doing it.

  3. If ye faint in the days of adversity, then your strength is small…

    The travails of a weak unsaved human against the intimidating taunts of the immortal satan.

    subtle attack…subtle poem,

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