The Baby Black Market – Episode 1

As I sat down on the brown wooden chair,facing the Hp laptop in front of me,I wondered why this idea had not struck me, before.
I had been sitting in this room four days now. I have taken my bath five times now; eaten ten times; visited the toilet 8 times.
I must finish this book i am writing before 4p.m tomorrow. When i started the story on my laptop i did not how know to help people undertand why this people did what they did.
I looked at the mirror yesterday and I saw that my eye-bag was full but what can I do.
So, I took the Letter I wrote six days ago to the D.P.O and will start with it.
Dear sir,
I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to get this laptop.
It is a great thing you have done.
I want to thank you also for not agreeing to my advances the other day,who knows, maybe i would not have had opportunity to think of this now.I was so desperate that I could not face the reality of what I have done. I want to give my appreciation to the police for helping me get every member of my company,who were also involved in the crime.’
Thanks alot
Yes! That was a good one to start with.
As I typed this I remember the events vividly in my mind-every details of the events, mine and the few stories of some of our clients.
About 14years ago,I lost my husband(or should I say my first husband). Micheal,by name, he was the most caring man I have ever seen.Living with him,I would say, destroyed my mentality about life,because he was rich and caring.
I cried my eyes out,people condoled me and told me to take heart but the most painful part of it all was that i was not able to give birth to any child for him before he died;be it still-birth or Living child,Boy or girl,no miscarriage nor were there missing of my periods.
For days,I was so lost in thought of losing him that i did not remember that his family were still alive.
3days after the death of Micheal,his mother-whom I had called immediately after his death-came in with some members of their family.
At first,I was happy that i would have someone to condole me; someone to tell the pain in my heart ,how I feel about his lost,I mean someone who is going through the same situation and pain as I.I do not want those people that will say.
‘I feel your pain’,
when they actually feel nothing.
I ran to greet her,leaving our pastor and his wife who were condoling me and my (two) friends who were also there with me.
‘Mama!’,I wailed,’ Micheal have left me alone…He left me oooooo’.
‘Shup up!’,Micheal’s mother screamed, ‘you witch, you killed my son because of money…You have killed my only son’.
she fell on the cushion and rose again as she rushed to attack me. I was taken aback.I opened my mouth in surprise to this false accusation,and only regained my sense (only to lose them again) when the blow of my mother-in-law’s hands hit me.
I never knew i had fainted,because immeditely I received the blow,I saw Micheal coming into the room with the same dress he wore the night he died.
‘Ah!Micheal,why did you leave me.’
‘I did not leave you my love…I was taken away from you and there is nothing I could have done to stop it’.
He sat down on the same chair my Mother-in-law fell the other time but nobody was here with us,because of the joy I had at seeing him,I did not even notice any change.
‘Who took you away’, I asked as i sat on his lap.
‘See,My dear it is a bad long story’.
‘Ehn!Start from anywhere you want to start.’I said as I stood up from his feet and sat on the chair.
‘Well,Mama had fighting me from home to have another wife but I refused.She tried everything to make sure I get a new wife-she persuaded me, she told me forcefully and even said you have given me ‘something’ to eat that made me to be so much in love in you;that made me not see that I am growing old’,Micheal said,he shifted to another side of the chair.
‘At a certain time,when her plea and abuses were getting too much,I lied to her that i had gotten another woman,she was so happy and demanded to see the lady with immediate allacrity,I played her for a long time until may last two years,when she finally got I was playing on her intelligence.
I thought she had given up on it,until I got a call from her in July that she was not feeling fine.

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  1. Seems interesting.

  2. Ah! the story seem interesting, but I was hoping you will actually finish episode 1 before ending it.

  3. Lots of small and unnecessary mistakes. Please always read through your work a couple of times before posting.

  4. Thanx all… Ogaz Im a newbie here and do not knoe how it done
    but will learn

  5. I agree, you’ll definitely learn, once you set your heart to the task.

    Edit better. When you type, do remember to leave a space after a punctuation i.e a space after a period, comma, semi-colon etc.

    Welcome to NS.

  6. @FUTURELEGEND001, you have the potential in you… keep on and you may end up wow wow…

  7. A potentially nice story line. Kindly note the corrections and improve your craft.

  8. good story. Looking forward to more. note the corrections and edit several times before you post

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