Watching your body drift
Across the blue hue
The sounds of the crickets
Chirping noises leaping into my reddened ears

As the birds fly back to your warmth
I see your shape: life full
Your eyes closed in a state of quiescence

Watching you as you undress
Your form: divine and crescent
Thick scents you bring with you
from the deep ends of the savannah
Welcoming all of us, you dare to find air

Yes, I see you
In all your dappled yellow glory

Yes, I see you with my evening by your side

5 thoughts on “Sunset” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. …a beautiful retelling a beautiful experience… nice!

  2. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    I like this…

  3. I like the subjectivity;
    I like the universality;
    I like the objectivity;
    Of the this experience you didn’t keep to yourself.

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