Sexual Heroes

Mama I’m sick – I’m bleeding
Mama’s advice was straight and simple
Now you have become a woman – daughter
Let no man touch you if not you get pregnant
In trust I avoid Papa’s gaze
A touch and a blush as I enjoy more days
In lurking darkness I go low
Morals run low

It is now on every song – the appeal to mate
For being on birthday suit is the peak of a date
Adverts not complete without a hint of awesomeness
For to hold back is to bask in loneliness
Everyone is doing it
So I join the race and do it

Something is changed – period missed
A run from here to there with a solution needed
I can’t let this put me down
My future can’t be ruined
So it is okay if I take that of the unborn
No reason to wail hopelessly under the sun
With a kid – no one will take me seriously
I can’t become a reference point to explain folly

Drugs are taken and image kept
As all is done until the unborn left
I celebrate heroes who forsook all though wept
For in spite of the unknown the unborn kept
They thought not of themselves but took responsibility
Keeping the unborn – they gave another a future

For not them alone had sex
But they stood up for their sex
Even if what they did was called wrong
The stood up to re-write their wrong
They took the road less followed
Not joining the train of genocides
Every single parent – man or woman – they are the sexual heroes
For those who abort – remain the sexual zeroes

24 thoughts on “Sexual Heroes” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. Wow!!! That was one awesome poetry…it properly encapsulated murder, fighting for what is right, cowardice, and premarital sex. May you never have writers block @OgboleSamson

    1. thanks sir, and amen to your prayers

  2. Nice work. Did you meant to write ‘They’ instead of “The stood up…” in the last verse, line 4? all the same, good work.

    1. yea, thanks for the correction. typo error

      i appreciate the comment

  3. Yeah,sadly true…

    1. Yea….the harsh reality

  4. …a truly insightful poem… nut surreal but real…

    1. Thanks boss for reading and commenting. It is the reality we shun

  5. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    “I celebrate heroes who forsook all though wept” These words tells of a strong heart. Nice piece!

    1. Yea….they wept but remained on the right….not minding the cost – they are the heroes

  6. Nice read, although I don’t subscribe fully to the issue raised here.
    Those whose decision is to abort must have had their reasons which I must say could be as valid and reasonable as that of those that insist on keeping theirs.
    I have seen parents who unanimously took their daughter to abort her pregnancy because it was her brother that is responsible. I’ve also seen parents that stood their ground, on whatever reason they have, that the daughter must born the baby even as they are caught in the same situation as the former parents.
    In a nutshell, I think there is something infantile about religious and even secular arguments on abortion. The notion that in abortion, a human being is deprived of full existence runs concurrently with the argument that a human being is denied of full existence the moment one refuses to grab the opportunity to have sex!
    To me, therefore, there is nothing right or wrong in abortion. If it’s needed, it’s best to keep it, but if it’s not needed, there’s no need keeping it.

    1. I get your point – as I’ve always been a part of the school of thought which says “never judge a person’s decision if you don’t know their options”. Having said that – some decisions are down right wrong irrespective of the available options eg. What will make stealing right? Or Prostitution okay?

      Options are limited when we decide not to look further. Sex as much as it should be enjoyed is also for procreation. Most decisions to abort is primarily because the proposed parent isn’t ready, or don’t want interruption in their lives, or avoid shame and disgrace – as single parents tend to find it hard to settle down (slogan – after 1), and the kid becomes a constant reminder of the past.

      This isn’t about religion, it is a question of – what excuse should justify killing? Even if a father impregnated his daughter – killing the unborn does that wipe off the memory of what happened? Isn’t abortion more like an easy way out? That’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul and hoping since Paul has been paid, Peter should feel okay as the sacrificial lamb.

      Let’s not forget, every single parent (and in some cases – married couples) had good reasons too not to keep their kids but rather decided to still keep the child against all odds.

      That aside, I appreciate your objective outlook and sincererity. Thanks bruv and have an awesome week

      1. Yeah right…but stealing have been recently justified in Nigeria. A minister of the federation (name withheld) was caught milking his ministry dry. When he was confronted, he didn’t deny but simply said that hey ONLY stole $22million and people are shouting when he could have stolem $22billion.
        What I’m saying in essense is that the world is growing fast and those things that used to count, no more count now.

        1. you really got me laughing as i read through this, you have a point though – which is the sad reality of the country we live in.

          yes it is true that we now have a world where things which would have been an abomination to even enter the minds of men has now become the norm of the day due to civilization and moral decadence, despite that we still do know what is right and wrong.

          even if the thieves or the corrupt are given a free pass, we still in our closet know the wrong which has gone unpunished, and if that be true, then same should go for abortion and other social ills. we may not have the power to stop them but we can at least speak against it and celebrate those who choose to be right despite the odds

          1. I do not want to stretch issues here so I propose we let it lie. We all have our yardsticks for measuring good or bad, but one undeniable fact, in the real sense of the word, is that lodged somewhere in the heart of man, part of his make-up, is the zeal to do both good and bad. This single innate quality makes it hard to use any yardstick at all to measure good or bad since the same person doing good today, when caught under certain circumstance could perpetrate evil more dastardly. In essence, circumstances of life makes us behave the way we do – good or bad, it’s a fact.

            1. yea i concur to this, we all have the innate ability to be either good or bad, circumstances beyond will could make many go astray

  7. Nice poem….which is more like an ode to parents of accidental pregnancies. @Chime221 raised a good point though.

    I particularly like the last two lines at the ending. And I was wondering why you placed it under ‘Articles’ instead of ‘Poetry’?

    1. Thank you sir

      yes @Chime221 raised a valid point but the questions that beg to be answered is –
      1. do we consider a foetus as a human being or not?
      2. If the answer to the former question is yes, what can justify the murder of the innocent?
      3. are some lives more important than others? What are the yardsticks?

      The point is – everyone has had a reason to do wrong or go evil but we decide to stick to that which is right. this is not about religion, this is solely about us being humans. If we condemn the activities of terrorists, how is this any different? or is it because the perpetrators can still come out looking all innocent and the killed is unheard as the deed remains unknown?

      while no one can tell another how to live but we do – as humans know what is right and wrong – even our instincts tell us

      i posted the poem with my phone and thus wasn’t able to scroll down to get to the poetry option. Had to settle for article as it was the most suitable among the available options.

      thanks for the time spent reading and commenting. I appreciate sir

      1. A foetus is not yet a human being though it already has all the ingridients to become a human being, but it can not be called that yet.
        Mind you that orange and apple are not the same, in the same vain, terrorism is not the same thing as abortion, so they cannot really be placed side by side.
        However, this is a great good poem.

        1. thanks boss.

          Maybe comparing abortion with terrorism i went too far, but both are evils except we decide to divide evils into lesser and greater evils.

  8. This was really lovely. @ogbolesamson
    Sadly a ton of folks will read this and will rush to get ultra-defensive on the matter…but i think people do that often when they find the truth a tad bit uncomfortable or just way too convicting.
    Much needed food for thought either way. Thank you for serving it.

    1. thanks for taking time out to read.

      Well it is the sad reality of the world we live in

  9. “Drugs are taken and image kept
    As all is done until the unborn left

    They took the road less followed
    Not joining the train of genocides ”

    hmmmn…Got me thinking…

    1. #smiles
      Thanks for reading, I appreciate

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