Raise Your Hands

Raise your head
stand out different
look no further to the past incident

Raise your head
up high
high as ever before
tell yourself
you know no defeat
stand up strong
the battle is yours

Raise your head
even if its bleeding
its a mark of excellent
roll out the pulse
the peak as come for you to claim
winning approach your lips every seconds

Raise your head
to defeat that fear
fear of the unknown
coward as it might be
its remains unknown

Raise your head
and raise your hand
victory just caught up with you
welcome to the winning team.

3 thoughts on “Raise Your Hands” by Emykhells Effe (@Emykhells)

  1. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    The fear of the unknown is not just fear… they could be thoughts of “what if?” nice write up

  2. @Emykhells, a beautiful piece… “Raise your head/even if its bleeding its a mark of EXCELLENCE…”

  3. Nice one. Cross check the third stanza, it has some issues.

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