Passion of The gods


…While I walked in the sunlight, young and filled with the vigour of youth, I heard the fatal music in the reed at the bank of the Nile. I did not recognize the sound of this harp, and I had no fear, for I was in the full bloom of my manhood and secured in the affection of my beloved. The music was of surpassing beauty. Joyfully, I went to find the musician, and could not know that he was death and he has played his harp to summon me alone. Death sized me and bore me up in his skeletal harms towards the sun god, and I became one with the white light of his being. At a great distance I heard my beloved weep, but I could not see her and all the days of my life were as though they had never been. Then death set me down in a high place from which I could see the world like a shining round shield in the blue sea of the heavens. I saw all men and all creatures who had earlier lived. Like a mighty river, time ran backwards before mine eyes. For a hundred thousand years I watched their striving and their death. I watched all men go from death and old to infancy and birth. Time became more and more remote, going back until the birth and then before. At last there was no man upon the earth and only the gods existed. Yes, till the river of time flowed back beyond the time of the gods into nun, into the time of darkness and periodical chaos. The river of time could flow no further back and so reversed itself. Time began to run forward in the manner that was familiar to me from my days of life upon the earth, and I watched the passion of the gods play out before me. And then the first man and woman were born out of the creations of the creator and Adam and Eve gave the way for generations…

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