Life Untaught: Non-Fiction

Religion Untaught; Part 1

Wikipedia says religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems and world views that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and sometimes moral values. Some religion are a collection of myths while some are just pagan in nature.
Religion is said to be a collection of beliefs concerning the origin of man and the universe. In another sense, religion is faith in a particular thing for a particular purpose. It is that thing that people put their trust and hope on in their times of need. Religion involves a series of truths, half-truths and make-beliefs that are used by some people to make sense out of the phenomenon called life and the universe. Through it a lot of people have been given the opportunity to make sense of the kind of life they are living. It has also been said to be a tool to gather people to follow certain laid out rules and doctrines. Religion is universal and it cuts across all languages and barriers as long as everyone has a purposeful trust in certain things. It involves praying and meditation and even sacrifices. It involves supplications and submission to a supreme being or a certain school of thought.
It is a challenging instrument used in perpetuating actions and controlling minds. It is also the only sane thing that some of us have when faced with unexplainable challenges. It is the only solution left to some problems.

4 thoughts on “Life Untaught: Non-Fiction” by Tai Fasina (@Tai)

  1. @Tai,
    though simply simple
    the message in between the lines
    are worth more than a dimple
    making me desire vines……………….

    but WIKIPEDIA is not an engaging source………..just to note…………

    1. Yeah I know. Wikipedia no get sense, dem suppose slaughter that e-goat. *smiles*
      Thanks dear. I can only get better.

      1. @Tai, glad you got the point…………

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