It Happens All Over Again.

It Happens All Over Again.

This thirsty soul of mine,
I thought I got you filled moments ago.
All this while my soul and I have been together,
But ever since it demands too much from me, I have felt this distance between us.
For some seconds, it became 2 days, 9 months, 1 year, I was a free man.
Living my life just the way I wanted to, it was just me.
Unknown to me I had abandoned my life, but to me at least I was happy that was all I wanted.
I heard the voice of my soul… crying for help, begging me to let the door open.
I told my soul “would you let me be at peace?”
My soul said “peace is where I offer us, please let me in.”
I had a second thought.
But no! I want to be free.
I heard no reply… yes he is gone!
This life I thought I wanted to enjoy, I couldn’t.
There was this emptiness in me,
I felt lonely, I ran into naked troubles and when I was worried no one to console me.
I cried out! “Please do not leave me”
I am sorry for all my wrongs.
But my soul was far gone I thought…
I waited all nights for over 2 months, waiting for that sweet and gentle voice of my soul I was desperate to hear my soul again.
Soul? Please do not leave me; I will do everything you ask.
“You would do anything I ask?” My soul… is that you?
That sweet voice said to me “he never left me”
It happens all over again, going back on my knees, praying to Jesus, thanking him for all He has done, promising never to go back to sin and to love Him always.

Now my soul and I are at peace, never letting go.

5 thoughts on “It Happens All Over Again.” by Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

  1. This is nice but it can be better… keep on…

    1. @Jessy_deremi, waiting to read more of you… the way you coin words can be really captivating…

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