I See Things Others Do Not See(13)

The Conversation:

“We need to talk!”

“What?” he asked, not looking down.

Chukwudi the Stronger held me by the hand as he flew effortlessly back towards what I could only fathom would be my head. When he said “Let’s go”, I had thought I would suddenly wake up sane, but apparently things weren’t going to work out that way. He had simply held me by the hand and with a mighty jump, we were headed back the way I had fallen. I watched him and marveled at his confidence, even though he looked like a six year old I knew that spirit wise he was probably much older and more skilled than I was. He was me in my simplest, purest form,undiluted,unspoilt by the logic that was the world. It was exhilarating to see this other self, so full of confidence, so sure of himself. But watching him, watching the way he headed back to consciousness with glee, I suddenly felt worried.

“Who will I be?”

“Eh?” Chuks said, still not looking down, the force of his upward acceleration seemed to be making it difficult for him to hear me, like trying to strike a conversation with someone riding a power bike swiftly against the wind.

“Wait, STOP!” I shouted. And he did. Chuks the stronger put on the brakes mid air and stood standing on nothing, looking at me. I still hung from his hand and struggled about, my feet dangling in mid-air.

“Why don’t you stand?” said Chuks the stronger.

“Where?!” I gasped, looking round.

“Anywhere!!” Said Chuks. “It’s your mind, after all.”

I still struggled about a bit, not understanding how Chuks was standing mid air. “I don’t get it!” I said, “how do you stand on…”

“Just stand!” Chuks said.

And I did. I looked into his eyes and became calm. I imagined my feet on solid ground and hey presto! I was standing. I didn’t look down though. I stood up straight and looked around me, the whole place looked unreal, eerie, like I was in a dark tunnel, but the walls were pulsing and glowed dull red as if something moved beyond them.
Chuks the younger was looking up at me with scorn, if such a thing was possible. I ignored him and looked around me for a while longer. “So this is inside my body,huh?” I asked.

“It’s just your imagination” Chuks replied. “if I were to pinpoint our exact location it would most likely be our brain. We’ll be at our consciousness very soon.

“Yeah…I wanted to talk to you about that.” I said. “Who will I be?”

“I don’t understand…” Chuks said

“Will I be me or you?” I asked. “When we regain consciousness, who will be in charge?”

Chuks grinned again. “I will.” He said, and laughed when he saw the alarmed look on my face.”I am you! A lost part of you. I’m definitely not going to take over. We are one, you and I. it will be like waking up from a dream and remembering something you had long forgotten, although…” and here he eyed me pointedly, “ it seems as if you have forgotten a lot. What happened to you?”

“Nothing!” I said defensively. “I remember most of my childhood, I do. Okay, maybe I stopped using my gift a lot during the time I was growing up and I lost a lot of, er… skills in the process, but I did it so we…so I…could appear normal. You don’t understand the way they looked at me the first time I came to school, how I was constantly bullied for being weird or put at the back of the class for talking about things that weren’t there! I had to…adjust. And besides father says the reason I couldn’t remember you or rather your gift is because I did something, removed something from him and mum and-”

“I extracted a lust creature, yes I know. I was there remember? I was too young physically at the time and the energy I expended was too much for my little body, but now I am a man! Think of the things I could do! I can really rock and roll when I get back!”

“Rock and roll? Who says… never mind. What I want to know is how did I remove that demon and how do I handle this one? ”

Chuks sighed. For a young boy, he exhibited a lot of adult mannerisms. And I noticed that somehow he was getting older. The more we talked the more he seemed to age; right now he looked more like a teenager. I wasn’t sure if he was aware of this but decided to keep mute about it. He grabbed me by the hand suddenly and we were off again.

“You see creatures not of this realm right?” he said. “Do you talk to them?”

“Only the people.” I replied trying to hold on.

“Well, have you tried talking to a creature before?”

“I try not to.” I said, “I don’t want to get involved in too much stuff. Trying to stay n….”

“Normal, yeah, I get it.” He said. “Well you have five senses don’t you? You see, smell, taste, hear and feel. Have you ever considered doing that in the spiritual realm as well?”

I hadn’t thought of it. Of course I had made contact with one or two manifestations, my previous landlady, a small greed demon I had chased out of my boss’s room so I could submit an assignment in peace, Pachios himself…but I had never really delved into interacting so much.

“Well, not really, it makes me uncomfortable.” I said.

“No Chuks” Chuks replied. “it makes you afraid. Fear is a barrier to so many things beyond the veil. It makes you second guess yourself, it makes you have friends you don’t need and enemies you can’t afford. Our FATHER from before the veil made us Dominators, Conquerors. But as soon as we pass through the veil we are distracted by the noise of this little Earth and by the shiny things man has made for his pleasure, and we forget it all. I came through with my memories of the other side as a baby. I didn’t come through with only my sight. And yet even I that have been unpolluted for so many years, even I have forgotten so much. But I am still a child, and a child does not think of fear or impossibilities. Things only become impossible when you stop to think about them. “

I was quiet. I felt him now more than ever, like I was the one talking and holding him by the hand instead of the other way around.

“We are nearly there.” He said and looked down at me. He was smiling. I smiled back and suddenly we were in another room. Just like that, no door, no entrance, nothing. But this room didn’t feel peaceful like the one I had found him sleeping in. it felt tumultuous, frenzied, and I heard whispers, whispers which grew into babbling, incoherent, continuous babbling. I looked for the source and when I couldn’t see it I asked Chuks the stronger “Where is it?”

“Where do you want it to be?” he replied and then without waiting for an answer, he looked ahead. I did too and sure enough I saw it. Seated on a golden stool, making a terrible mess of the place with oozing green liquid and screeching horribly was the cross-eyed, monkey-bat like creature I had seen earlier in the cave. It bared its fangs and gave off a fearful howl. I took a step back.

Chuks the Stronger looked at me, disappointed. “No,” he said, “You did not just step back did you? Are you afraid? Look at what you did.”

I looked and right there and then the creature grew bigger. It expanded its wings which had nasty looking talons at the ends and it became twice its size. It shrieked again even louder and I took another step back. Chuks the Stronger slapped me at the back of my head, hard.

“OW!” I said. “Hey, that hurt!”

“Better you feel pain than to feel fear,” he said. “What’s wrong with you? This fella is sitting in your head like it owns the place and you are here doing a backslide? Show it who’s boss!”

I stared at the creature again. It had grown to four times its size and was now massive, almost too big for its side of the room. It flapped its wings, spewing green stuff everywhere and screeched loud-

“AWWWW, SHUT IT!!!” Chukwudi the stronger yelled loudly and the creature closed its mouth immediately. He gazed at it with fire burning in his eyes and it shrank back to twice its normal size. He walked a few feet towards it then turned, backing the creature and facing me.

“Fear is like a spider’s web. The more you struggle in it, the more it will hold you down. Ignore the fear! That thing is sitting on your seat!”

I looked at the creature again and indeed it seemed out of place on that golden stool. In fact, it seemed very out of place in this clean room, messing up everywhere, making a nasty ruckus. And I got mad. I got really angry. And I walked past Chukwudi the Stronger and approached the creature confidently. It watched me coming with apprehension in its eyes, and then I saw, it was afraid!

“Get the hell outta here!” I shouted getting closer now and noticing the creature shrink even more until it was almost its original size. “I own this place, this is my domain! Get out!”

I was close to it now. It raised one disgusting leathery wing and made to swipe at me and I grabbed that wing midair with my right hand. With my left hand and with a loud yell I pounded the creature on the head with a mighty blow. It wasn’t as strong as I had imagined and I felt its skull crack and it collapsed, still on the stool. It tried rising again and I went all out for it, shouting, yelling and tearing; I broke its wings and snapped its neck, then I hurled the carcass off the golden stool and unto the floor where it remained still for a while and then disappeared. I could feel my hands and face covered in gooey smelly stuff but I felt great! I shouted in exhilaration! I had done it! I picked up the golden stool, cleaned it as much as I could and sat down on it proudly. Then I saw the look of shock on Chukwudi the Stronger’s face.
“What?!” I said.

“That was very violent and messy,” he said shaking his head. “I mean, you could have just commanded it off when it had shrunk back to its normal size then chased it out or used the sword to finish it off. That’s what I would have done…”

I looked beside me and saw a shiny sword in its sheath, hanging on the wall.

“Wait,” I said, starting to tremble. “There was a sword there the whole time? The whole time?!”

Chukwudi the stronger laughed and came up and shook my shoulder. “The point is, you got the job done! Congratulations! You see, you could have done that by yourself all along! Now we can regain consciousness with our sanity intact. But first, abeg, let’s find a way to clean you up.

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