Flashes from the past


‘I don’t think it’s wise you go for an abortion’, Bola’s words still linger in my head like a fresh discussion, as I drive pass Oba Acran along Ogba road.
It’s been Eight years now, and echoes of Bola’s advice still hunts me like a ghost. It all started like this…


I was in my third year in the university when I met Harry. He’s indeed every woman’s choice, and could make a woman melt at his sight. Harry was in his service year when we started dating, and we dated for two year. Harry and I had nice times together, and he shewed me love which suddenly came to knell. He was posted to osun state, and I pay him regular visits.
Toun- a very close friend of mine, would say, ‘You must visit your guy to secure your relationship, and moreso, you must give him the necessary recipe when he has the urge’. All this I obliged, without any omission. I allowed Harry made love to me when ever I visited him, and that’s actually once in every month.
A dog that will eventually get lost, the elders said it won’t listen to the hunter’s call. Two years into the sex blinded relationship, I suddenly became pale, and I nauseate and vomit regularly. My friends adviced I see the doctor, to know the source of the sickness, which I did, I was tested positive to pregnancy. I decided to see Harry, to let him know about the pregnancy, but I received the shock of my life that day. ‘Why are you keeping me outside Harry, why can’t we go in’, I argued.
‘Hey lower your voice please, someone is sleeping’, he snarled lightly.
‘Oh- someone is sleeping right!’, I retorted.
‘Well’, I paused and continued after bringing out the pregnancy report. ‘Here’s what I have for you’, I threw the paper at him. He scanned through it, ‘Yes what’s all this about?’, he snarled.
‘I think you can read, can’t you?’, I snarled back at him.
‘Wil you answer my question now or not, cos I’m growing impatient’, he retorted.
‘Well, I noticed some changes in me these days, and I decided to see a doctor, and I was tested positive to pregnancy. And it’s nine weeks old, that’s the result’, I expounded.
‘That’s so good to know. And why not take the result to the person responsible for it, why me?’, he grits.
My heart almost stopped at his words, and my mouth was left agape. I never knew Harry could be so callous and inhumane towards me.
‘Harry, tell me what you just said is a joke, I mean tell me you don’t mean what you just said’, I coaxed him further.
‘Honestly Adetola, I don’t have a soft spot for you. I only marked a register on you, that I was present, that’s all. So, i adviced you take this thing back to the doctor for an abortion’, he concluded revulsively.
My stomach retched, and I almost slump to the ground. I had suddenly became dizzy at his utterance, so I quickly help myself to a seat in his veranda. I was dumb, and I let the tears flows from my eyes incessantly.
Just then, a lady came out of his apartment tempramentally, ready to flare up at him.
‘Harry, tell what I heard were not true’, she said wistfully.
Panic had his voice, and he stuttered some words.
‘It’s not true samantha, I swear. I don’t know this lady, believe me’, he lied.
‘You liar’, I heard the lady’s voice reviled him indistinctly from my thought. I had cogitated deeply, and I could hear the rest of their arguement.
Harry is indeed a son-of-a-bitch. He denied ever knowing me, denied the pregnancy, and denied ever loving. ‘May God judge him’, I cursed and left his place amidst tears.

6 thoughts on “Flashes from the past” by christiana olofin (@ifeayomi)

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    Nalongo (@Nalongo): Scribe - 14040 pts

    Work on your tenses please.

    1. Profile photo of innoalifa
      innoalifa (@innoalifa): Head Wordsmith - 297155 pts

      @ifeayomi, welldone for the attempt but purify your constructions as @Nalongo as observed…

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    Chris Bamidele (@degreatest2): Scribe - 11354 pts

    Good story, but you can do better telling it. also the episode finished before i could settle down to read it.

  3. Profile photo of Tola Odejayi
    Tola Odejayi (@TolaO): Head Wordsmith - 44114 pts

    @ifeayomi, the story is a simple one, but there’s no conflict or drama to make it special. it would have been better to make it more memorable.

    And it needs a LOT OF WORK. There are very many grammar issues and wrong word usages that need correcting.

  4. Profile photo of Ellie
    Ellie (@elly): Scribe - 10529 pts

    Tense issues here are blighting and taking from your story.

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    oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93): Scribe - 15225 pts

    heres my take,cool story but told dryly.some issues need to be worked on.tenses,story telling,but good work.we get better as we write

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