Events At The Cross

Crux of the matter
Is the matter of the crux.
Laid once on that bald cross
Is the master stayed,
Stained and battered with victory blood.
Body once active with life
Now remained hooked to the Romans hooks.
There soldiers and crooks, gambled his hoods.
And chatter upon chatter
Over the filed case
Of many brethren one Judas stood
Of many soldiers one Roman stood
longing at the signs following His death
The clouds yellowing its way back to dusk
The blood oozing like the river bank
And he exclaimed truly
Really true
This man is the son of God
For once
He walked around this city
with signs and power
Only now signs mark this body
Construed by man’s design
The devil thought it for evil
But God sits majestically
Watching the stage
Plays in response the script
On resurrection morning
Appearing to forty
In a glorious body
Boldly declaring
I come to do thy will
Oh precinct God of order.

2 thoughts on “Events At The Cross” by samuel o-e (@benchmark)

  1. A nice concept and a good flow…

  2. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    Simply beautiful. But I suspect words cannot adequately convey what happened on that momentous day…

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