Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! Episode 1

Iseoluwa Food Retail is a food outlet where I love to eat. Every morning, after dropping my bag in the office, I waste no time in calling my colleagues who are interested in Iseoluwa’s early morning palatable rice.

I’ve been a frequent customer of Iseoluwa for over 6 months – I eat her rice every blessed morning. Her shop is just behind my office…..My brother’s girlfriend’s house is not too far from Iseoluwa’s shop…..So, I get to see my brother’s boo almost every morning. I don’t have a very good relationship with Yemisi (my brother’s girlfriend)….all we do is “Hi! Hi!” each other…..Sometimes sef, I no dey answer her when she greets me……not that I don’t like Yemisi……I like her and I really love the way she makes my brother feel……but, I jes don’t wanna have anything to do with any of my sibling’s boos!

This principle changed the day I started sighting an angel with Yemisi almost every morning I go to eat at Iseoluwa’s shop. She’s for sure an angel……sent specially by God himself……you know sey sometimes Angel Gabriel dey send angel come world…..buh this one was sent particularly by Baba God!

Before this period, I’ve not had any relationship since I started a new life in Osogbo (almost 3 years now)…..the two I had before I came to Osogbo crashed during the year of my arrival to Osogbo city! So, I was actually a perfect and complete SINGLE.

It became a routine every morning to see this babe pass in front of Iseoluwa’s shop, entering Yemisi’s house. And you know me, as a guy…..I begin dey wear my best shirts go Iseoluwa’s shop…..incase anything happen. For my mind, she should be one of Yemisi’s best friends. I didn’t tell my friends about the new angel I have found cuz of what they might think. The truth is – “I have never bin sexually attracted to a girl”….This girl was my first! All that was in my mind was how I will get this babe on my “water bed” and bang her till she faints……I was so so ready to do anything to get this babe. I’ve never done this before in my entire life……It was so unusual!

My brother (Damilare) comes visiting once in a while…..I always love my brother’s visits……He spends at least a week on a visit. He came visiting 5 days after I started seeing this angel. I told him about one girl I used to see with his girlfriend…..I told him how I really wish to have s*x with this babe. I described the girl so well to my bro…..he told me “You mean Iyanu?”…..I didnt know her name….so, I wasn’t sure if she was the Iyanu my brother was talking about. Buh, the moment my bro said Iyanu is Yemisi’s younger Cousin. Then, I knew my brother has missed it all. How can she be Yemisi’s friend? She’s way too matured than Yemisi na. If she’s not Yemisi’s elder cousin, she’ll be her friend……Yemisi has a small stature…..the said Iyanu looks more of her elder sister!

I kept seeing this girl my brother called Iyanu…..I became so crazy about this said Iyanu. Then, one day I and my brother was taking a stroll down my street…..*Sorry, I didn’t make it known to you that my house ain’t that far to my office.* I saw her coming towards us…..even in the dark, I could recognize her body structure…..I quickly alerted my brother that the babe wey I don dey talk about don dey come. As she came closer to us, my brother called out her name – “Iyanuoluwa”…..she replied by calling my brother by his nickname – “Dee”…..It was then I knew she’s truly Yemisi’s younger cousin! They (my brother and my newly found angel – Iyanuoluwa) both greeted each other and talked for a while… eyes were just all over her body…..navigating every part of her body…..fantasizing……Iyanu is such a very pretty lady….this babe too set. I was so lost in thoughts that I didn’t even know my brother had introduced me as his elder brother…..she’d even stretched out her hand for a shake… brother had to tap me to come back to life. We both shook hands and exchange good gestures…..I wont deny the fact that I lost my words that memorable night!

I saw my brother’s girlfriend the next day and she was shocked that I was the first to greet her and that I even asked if we could talk…..I knew she was scared…..I could read it on her face…..We talked for a while…..I asked her who Iyanu is to her…..she said Iyanu is her younger cousin….I wasted no time in telling her that I really like her cousin and I would love to have her…..Infact, I confessed to her that I’m only sexually attracted to Iyanuoluwa, NOTHING ELSE! By her facial expression, I knew Yemisi was so disappointed in me…..that for the first time I’d talk to her… was all about having s*x with her cousin! I DIDNT GIVE A FLYING F*CK! All I wanted was how I’ll get into talking with Iyanuoluwa…..daz all! I gave Yemisi the task of how I and Iyanu will be friends and that in the next few days, I want to have a meeting with Iyanu. She had no choice na… am her number one in-law!

After work the next day, I met Yemisi in my house…..she probably came to check on my brother. I was slightly drunk as I had gone to the shrine to take palm wine with my office colleagues. With the shayo in my system, I commanded Yemisi to go bring Iyanu right away! She obeyed immediately and in few minutes she was in my apartment with Iyanu. I left my room with Iyanu to the rooftop of my house…..we got somewhere to sit and after we were comfortable, we started a loooong chat! Iyanu is very outspoken…..she was not even shy on our first meeting…..buh, her responses to all my questions arrive very late…..I asked her what she loves doing…..she loves going out! I asked if I could take her out the coming Sunday…..she accepted my request after persuading and convincing her that itz just a harmless outing. We exchanged numbers that night….I asked for her other names that I didn’t like the Iyanuoluwa of a name. She told me she bears Darasimi too. I immediately fell in love with the name and I declared to her that I was gon be calling her Darasimi… hell with Iyanuoluwa. I saw her off to Yemisi’s house and bid each other good night.

I couldn’t sleep that night…..I needed to hear Darasimi’s voice again before sleep could come. I called her at around 11:33pm. I was afraid she wouldn’t pick up…..she did and I was soooo happy. The tone of her “Hello” got me speechless……Wait! What was happening to me? Have I not fallen in love with this babe? NO! This cant be! All I wanted was s*x…, where was the love coming from? I tried to throw the “Love” spirit away from my mind…..buh…….

…to be continued!

Written by The Charming Humble Nice Guy.
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  1. Well Falling In Love Cant Be A Mistake

    1. Hmmmm….datz true. Stay tuned for the Episode 2.

  2. one day I and my brother- can you rephrase it to ‘one day my brother and I’?

    1. Thanks for the correction. I’ll do that right away. God bless.

  3. This must have been a blog post from a mobile phone with all your abbreviated lingos.

    Its a memoir i presume?

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