Oh Africa
My beloved continent
Land of my
And home of my
Oh Africa!
Land of the opposing parallels
Flowing with milk and honey
But sullied by blood and violence
Rich in human and material resources
But destroyed by war and violence

Oh Africa!
The creator enriched you with abundant natural endowments
Such that when the rest of the world is going digital
You are still staying natural
For It is only in you that the shadow still tells the time
When the rest of the world think the Clock is the best time machine
Both are civil time though
But yours is more true to nature
Indeed, While the rest of the world wake themselves by means of the alarm clock
Your children are still awaken by the crowing cock

Oh Africa!
You are unique even more than you are natural
For when the rest of the world isliving by the rule of law
You can still survive above
the law
In you power lies in the barrel of a gun
And the Godfather speaks better things than the will
of the people
While the gun powder brings better results than the ballot box
Who needs irrational voters to ascend political power
When what many thumb prints can do
One can do even better
Voting by proxy, thats the name of the game
So who cares for the electorates
When there is room for

Oh Africa!
Indeed, you are unique
Your policemen are notorious armed robbers on the Highways
And your Public Servants have become kleptics of the trust fund

Oh Africa!
It is only in you that politics is the expressway to unjust enrichment
And Government is another name for corruption
Its your turn, so take your share
Thats what they say

Oh my beloved Africa
There is beauty in
your diversity
If for nothing, I love you for your communal life
In you nobody is nobody
everybody is somebody
every man is a brother
Just like
every woman is a sister
It is indeed true my dear Africa
That the OYO concept
Just like fenced houses and gates
imported from the seas beyond
Who would mind his own
When everyone is kith
and all others are kin

Oh yes indeed my black Africa
I love you for your numerous gods
Both portable and stationary
The flying and walking
What can I not find in you
Oh Africa my unique continent.

5 thoughts on “Africa” by emmanuel abasiubong (@angelabazz)

  1. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    lool it is unique indeed!

  2. @ANGELABAZZ, it’s not just unique as @Jessy_deremi noted but it’s one poem to relate with…. thumps up poet… you could check out my poem at Thanks!

  3. Thanks greatly for taking out the time to read this. @jessy_deremi & @innoalifa

  4. I’ll surely look up your poems.@innoalifa

    1. @angelabazz, feel free to stop by anytime to read through some of my poems and make your critical comments…

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