A Night At Sea

A Night At Sea

Even as my hair turn gray
This life- long memory I hold
To keep, cherish and preserve
A night at sea in my father’s boat
Though for sure I can’t say
But father, must have been in the cabin
Doing nothing but the work of a captain
For truly; alone I sat on deck that night
As the vibrations pushed father’s boat on,
The sounds from the engines below
No doubt; my lullaby for the night
Lulling slowly my eyes to close
But the beauty of that night
Memory captures and holds firm
For the moon below glides and shines
Like the one above
Save for the ripples I see
As father’s boat sails through
I remember still, the gentle night breeze
Caressing my skin in soft romance
Leaving behind bristles of moisture
Settling on all exposed hair
From head, brows, down to my hands
Even my lips; not left out
For, as I slide my tongue through my lips
Ooohhh, what a taste to be savored
This taste of natural ‘saltiness’
Reminds me truly; that I am at sea
And this romance with nature
Truly puts me at peace
Alas; this feeling of solitary peace
Was all I took to sleep that night
Only to be upped by the thundering claps of the waves
As they meet in competitive embrace
But no qualms; for I am glad to be up
And truly it is daybreak
Though the cold now eats up my bones
I really do not mind
For this night at sea
I will not forget till death…

5 thoughts on “A Night At Sea” by McDonald (@mcnald)

  1. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    lol…what a lullaby

    1. @mcnald & @Jessy_deremi, a beautiful one at that…WELL-CRAFTED!

  2. Rightly and summarily captured. That’s a lovely night …not a storming one. thumb up.

  3. Thnk u all for stopping by….appreciated..

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