Without Words


At some point in your life,
You’d agree with me that you have felt the strong urge
to say something about “something”
That “something” could have been a topic in politics,sports,law or
probably add to a conversation.

Words have played and still play a significant role in shaping the destinies
of people and even nations.
It is with words that you become married.After the priest or the marriage official
reads all the vows to you and you say “I DO”.
Simple words they seem
yet they bind you with somebody for life.

Wars have been fought and even Peace made on the
premise of what a person said. Sometimes who said what started the war
would have been miles away from where the actual war was been fought

Everybody wants to be heard because they sure got something to say
It can be a serious task sometimes even trying to listen to yourself
in the midst of all the noise around.
Truth is, no matter how loud you talk some folks won’t still listen
Perharps they do but couldn’t care less to remember what was said.

The wife talking to her husband about her day at work
with the TV in front of them while the husband has got his mind on the Premier league game
that’s coming the following Saturday.

The boyfriend telling his girlfriend how much he loves her
while she’s thinking about the Gucci bag she saw with the lady
at the mall.

I could keep going about how we talk and people don’t really listen
but i’m taking a new turn.
What if we started to show and not tell?
what if we proved our point without words?
I mean instead of saying you love her all the time, not like am saying
you shouldn’t, why not help her take out the trash or cook her dinner once a week

Could we not truly share with those who don’t have without
having cameras follow us to broadcast our “good deeds”?
Must we come on instagram,facebook and twitter to show the latest addition to
our garage or wardrobe?

Even when we are long gone our words may be forgotten but our actions
wouldn’t. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. If we would let our actions
do the talking chances are more people will listen because we are making “it” happen
without words.

It is possible to pass across a powerful message with words but a message passed acrossed
in action without words surely is more powerful.
We can make our point without words when we concern ourselves more with action.
I think those who really make things happen are too busy making things happen
that they don’t even have time to say it.

2 thoughts on “Without Words” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. Yeah I agree with you; actions speak louder than words.
    Well written.

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