You must be shame,
The so much talked of.
I have heard stories of your misdeeds,
How you removed the man in her spirit,
How you brought to ruin a destined top shot.

You must be shame,
The so much avoided and run from,
The morale dungeon

You must be shame,
The renowned moral builder,
But the people want to have fame,
Rather than its faux pas.

You must be shame,
Pride’s dreaded monster.
The one that instructs wth less injuries.
But why do fathers fear you?
Why do mothers scorn you?
Why do youths even dread you?
Why does a pride land appeals more to them than a hundred you?

They say you don’t encourage their tommorrow,
With a living hope to follow.
That you blantantly refuse to ask your friend;failure
To return their forage in her fallow
That you have denied them a sustaining food to eat,
Hence they would rather dine and die with pride than ever trust you again.
O! What a shame,
An obligatory failure.

3 thoughts on “Shame” by silvanus (@silvanus)

  1. I think the word is blatantly.

  2. Now this is a complex yet interesting poem.

    Turning shame into a living entity and exploring its values and ‘personality’ is a bit of brain work. Shows that a good deal of thinking went into the ideation of this poem.

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