Once Upon A Deadly Robber In A Community

Once Upon A Deadly Robber In A Community

Imagine that James Stanley lived in this era when the AK47 is as easily acquired by criminals as ordinary citizens buys airtime, James Stanley carried all portraits of a vicious robber and a notorious one, he wasted hundreds of lives like poultry farm chickens dying in epidemic fashion.
As a robber, James Stanley exhibit a streak of arrogance and flamboyance, he probably go for operations while wielding AK47’s in each hand with several loaded magazines held by a special belt fastened around his waist.
James Stanley is a robber with a pathological urgent to kill his victims even if they offered no resistance at all, he has little value for victim’s lives, that was made him a robbery exploits topical in 1970 in the days following the end of the civil war
James Stanley did not complete secondary school education before veering into crime in 1958, as the country was on threshold towards gaining independence from Britain in 1960.
Notwithstanding his limited education, the dreaded robber love to prefix his name with the horrific doctor. To be fair to him, James Stanley was the “Doctor of Robbery- with PhD awarded by the Underworld University. He excelled in horrendous notoriety that sent shivers down the spine of people living in his community. Every single robbery attributed to him made front-page news and this gave the police hierarchy sleepless nights as they pondered how to bring James to Justice.
However, when James Stanley cup of iniquity filled up and spilled over as always eventuality happens, the devil withdrew and the police seized him the same way super gum catches rats in most house today. How did it happen?
Through the Underworld grapevine, James learnt about the movement of a huge sum of money which WAHUM a company in Ikorodu was about to make. It happened in March 1977, he and his gang struck carting away twenty-eight thousand dollars, a police stable was murdered in the robbery accident, the successful heist was a big embarrassment to the police, the killing of the constable roiled the police hierarchy which quaffed under the harsh criticism of the Stallion Military regime which was in power and had promulgated the robbery and firearms decree to deal with the menace of robbery with arms, a crime that had engulfed the country in the wake of the civil war.
Like dogs of war, dragnet of crack police detectives was spread leading to the arrest of James Stanley. The thunderous ovation that greeted news of Stanley arrest could not be matched by the joy that attended a country triumph over another country leaving the best football captain weeping at the Atlantic Olympics
James Stanley was arrested with seven of his accomplices, they were tried and summarily condemned to death by the robbery and firearms tribunal, back then armed robbers were executed by a firing squad at the beach at Victoria Island such public executions were always a spectacle that the citizens went to witness. It was a different case when the date of James execution was announced.
The Community practically shutdown that day as over Ninety thousand people poured out of offices, shops and schools and trooped to the bar beach to be witnesses to history and see the man who had forcefully etched his name on their minds through his inglorious exploits.
On that day, a combined team of police and soldiers had a hectic time controlling the surging and heaving mass of people who thronged the venue of the execution where a set of stakes and drums had been mounted on a high point with the sea as a backdrop.
Even Robbers have friends and relations, while the mass speculators taunted James and his gang tied to the stakes awaiting the arrival of the team of army sharp shooters, some of their relations wept. Strangely, James Stanley displayed equanimity, smiling and jesting yet concern about his looming violent end in hail of hot bullets would show up occasionally on his face that creased in a frown, his eyes darting around as if he was searching a face in the crowd.
During the customary, last minute when robbers about to be executed were given opportunity to make any statement, James simply said, “I am dying for the offense I have committed”.
Way back then in the early seventies, James was highly regarded among notorious robbers; in fact, he was credited with ‘glamorizing’ robbery as he introduced bloody mafia style heists in the underworld. At the height of his notoriety, he boasted that bullets had no power over him that was Until he got caught and came face to face with army execution squad at the bar beach.
On that day, a black van conveyed the condemned robbers to the execution ground. From the dark interior, James Stanley stepped out when the truck came to a halt and the back door flung open, he wore a dark long sleeve shirt with his hands tied behind his back. He sweated profusely, his trousers looking much wrinkled after days of custody.
Without Ceremony, James was tied to the stake, and then seven soldiers filed out and took positions before the condemned men. At the command of the supervising warrant officer, a fusillade of hot bullets flew with high velocity towards James and his accomplices.
The men who reveled in killing innocent people instantly got a taste of bitter juice they once served to their victims who they either left dead or maimed for life.
When the bullets hit their marks, James and his criminal gang shook as if high voltage electricity passed through them and their lives quickly ended.

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  1. Childishly Funny story. Riddled with errors, tense misplacements and the likes.


    ” As a robber, James Stanley exhibit a streak of arrogance and flamboyance, he probably go for operations while wielding AK47’s in each hand with several loaded magazines held by a special belt fastened around his waist.”

    You can only control an AK47 with both arms. That one wey u say him carry two AK47 too tall abeg. And it could be rephrased, ” as a robber, he exhibited streaks of arrogance and flamboyance.”

    ”James Stanley is a robber with a pathological urgent to kill his victims even if they offered no resistance at all, ”

    ”Pathological urgent?” what’s that? U mean ‘twisted desire or a deranged joy in killing his victims?’

    1. Ezeifekwuaba.Tochukwu.Benedict (@Tochibenedict16)

      Your correction is on point.

      Thanks Bro………………..

  2. oxymoron93 (@oxymoron93)

    hmmmm….d story get sense but some things just no gel…all d same i like ..

    1. Ezeifekwuaba.Tochukwu.Benedict (@Tochibenedict16)

      Thanks bro…………..

  3. Hyman has said it all. Please use words you really know the meaning of while writing. It’s better to be simple and well understood than use big words and muddle up your story.

    1. Ezeifekwuaba.Tochukwu.Benedict (@Tochibenedict16)

      Thanks bro………………………

  4. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Message: what goes around comes around.
    We got it even though it was in the midst of grammartical errors.

  5. Your tenses are mostly off and the timeline of your story is distorted in places. You could do a whole lot better but hey, you did write something so good job.

    1. Ezeifekwuaba.Tochukwu.Benedict (@Tochibenedict16)

      Your corrections are on point

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    Make necessary corrections.

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      Please can you point out the necessary corrections for adjustment

      I will appreciate more. Thanks…..

  7. … you can do better as you practice more… …a good try…

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