No door is ever closed

Life is full of disappointment; life is full of pain,
Life is full of challenges that would threaten our faith,
But no matter how many times we are left in life’s cold,
If we look well, no door is ever really closed.

Life is full of people, who don’t care where we’re from,
Life is full of friends, who won’t be there to break our fall,
But no matter how many, “Sorry, no vacancy” we are told,
If we press on, we’ll see no door is ever closed.

There will be ups; and yes, there’ll be downs,
There will be times when we can’t help but frown,
But when we accept that we are all travellers on life’s road,
We’ll understand why no door is ever really closed.

James Ogunjimi

3 thoughts on “No door is ever closed” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. The content is filled with wisdom. A good piece!

  2. Yeah; life isn’t a bed of roses.
    Nice piece; well done.

  3. So sweet, I love this

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