Nkechi Is Pregnant

I always said so but nobody believed me. Nobody has ever believed, except maybe my mother when I told her I stole the stronger-than-rock meat from the cooking pot.

Nkechi runs around all the time like a public tap. Even when she has running nose, she is still running around. From one house to another she goes. I knew that a rat who doesn’t stay in one place will one day be caught by a trap or grabbed by the waiting cat.

I am not supposed to be telling you this because they didn’t ask me to tell you. I am not a newscaster. I cannot stand the frightening look of camera lenses, let alone look into them like a kid peering his eyes at the strange thing in the board the overfed teacher calls arithmetic.

I am telling you this because I want you to learn from the story of Nkechi so that I do not get a cause to tell your bitter story to others tomorrow. By the way, I enjoy storytelling, only if there are hundreds of kola-nuts and several liters of dry gin close-by. Sometimes, I wonder if there were wet gin.

A wise child that knows that a lions waits ahead will not leave the house, but the foolish one will pump his chest like a bicycle tyre and head towards the lion. This is not courage, but stupidity. Such a child will not live to tell his tale. Old men will at supper.

Nkechi well knew that the path she treaded was full of scorpions that have never smiled or said hi to anybody. Yet, she befriended the paths and tread on them. A child that desires honey must be ready to come back home with stings. But for Nkechi, the honey was the only important thing.

Like my people usually say, nobody stops a child from growing large teeth like shovels, but he should be ready to grow large lips to cover them. Several times she left the clothes outside, and it did not rain. But this time around, her time came. The rain fell, ant that is the reason we talk about her today.

Nkechi started with Peter, and then shifted to Amadin. After Amadin was sent away from the factory where he worked, Nkechi jilted him and ran after John, the school teacher.

A time came, and she needed to upgrade. From a one-course meal, she entered two. Then progressed to three, then to four, and I lost count. I told everyone, but nobody believed me. None.

Being a jobless fellow, I sat daily in front of my father’s old house, and saw all these things happen. I saw how they usually come one after the other. I saw how she usually left the house with them. I saw these things with my very two eyes.

Now that everybody knows she is pregnant, I am not surprised. I am even not surprised at the fact that she doesn’t know the father of the child she carries. Now, her father has sent her away.

I knew this would happen. Only if she had agreed to marry me then, but she said I had no money.

Now Nkechi is pregnant, she wants to marry just anybody. I will so pack my things to the village before the oil in her fingers rubs mine.

9 thoughts on “Nkechi Is Pregnant” by Sunday Erhun (@sundayerhun)

  1. Simplistic,rich and beautiful. I like it.

    1. Thank you so much, amy78!

  2. Flowed Like Music With Its Simplicity, Beautiful And Nice Too

    1. Thanks Princes Arah

  3. Interesting; simple to understand.

    1. I appreciate your comment

  4. Very straightforward, yet well spiced with proverbs.
    Good story, although short.

    1. Thank you for your comment

  5. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @sundayerhun, this was very fun to read, it’s a story that does not take itself too seriously and it’s steeped in the way Africans tell their stories. I liked the narrating character and would love to hear more from him…and from you. Well done, this was good.

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