Naijastories Member Wins Write Right 2

Our mission here on Naijastories is to nurture and develop rising talent in writing through feedback from writing peers. We are always very happy when our members shine as they grow in their writing journey.  We announced the Write Right writing competion here and were happy to see two of our members in the final shortlist. On Sunday March 9th, the Prize Giving Event for Write Right 2 was held and the winner, Ifeoluwa Watson received N250,000.  Congrats to her.


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    innoalifa (@innoalifa): Head Wordsmith - 295803 pts

    Kudos to Ifeoluwa Watson! This is an encouragement to Ife and to all of us budding writers that we may be passionately engaged in our craft…

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    sarahchristy21 (@sarahchristy21): Junior Writer - 1977 pts

    wow lucky her, oh lord let us someday share in this glory

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    sambright (@sambrightomo): Head Wordsmith - 187783 pts

    Congratulations to her and the entire NS community!!! Greatest NS? GREAT!!!

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    Perfecta Bassey (@basseyperfecta): Writer - 6404 pts

    wow! cool. congrats to her

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    bunmiril (@bunmiril): Writer - 9006 pts

    Congrats to her. May all NSites get there some day. Amen.

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    henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo): Head Wordsmith - 331222 pts

    Earlier this year, I posted an article on this site declaring that every good thing will come to members of this site; awards, prizes, etc. It is coming to pass. First, Uche carted off the Etisalat Prize; now Ife Watson, my biro princess. The best is yet to come. Let us write with our blood and leave it in the world’s domain. We will not be forgotten. Toil away, folks. Congrats, honey.

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      innoalifa (@innoalifa): Head Wordsmith - 295803 pts

      I concur @ezeakwukwo, “let us write with our blood and leave it in the world’s domain.”

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    Ife Watson (@petunia007): Scribe - 19515 pts

    Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory words. I will always owe my writing success to NS because this was the first platform I published my stories. NS encouraged me to hone my writing skills and for this I’m grateful. Merci, Danke, Obrigado, E se o. 🙂

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    igbor clemency (@clemency): Senior Scribe - 25767 pts

    Kidding me? Same Ife Watson? Remember when we were all newbies here. Up NS, we’ve matured in this place. Congrats @petunia007

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    kaycee (@kaycee): Head Wordsmith - 158968 pts

    Congrats to @petunia007

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