Maybe not Maybe (Part 7)

It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all others have been tried
And they have all failed
Democracy today simply means the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people
But in 2015 we shall have a new kind of people
The spirit of democracy is not a mechanical thing to be adjusted by abolition of forms it requires the change of heart
A place where we one another’s pain is felt
Where we stand together in brotherhood
To fight for our nationhood

Beauty is the goal of democracy
If uncontrolled, dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy
The most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty
For freedom unchecked ticks insanity
Let us never forget that government is ourselves
It is not an alien power over us
The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not the Presidents, Senators and government officials of our country
But the voters of this country

Democracy in Nigeria today, the poor should have more power than the rich
Because there are more of them and the will of the people is supreme if equity were made within reach
Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely
The real safe guard of democracy therefore is education not money
Democracy is a device to guarantee we are governed no better than we deserve
For the thieves we observe and preserve becomes who we deserve
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want
And deserve to get it good and hard

In Nigeria today, the difference between democracy and dictatorship is
You vote first and then take orders
For in a dictatorship – you don’t have to waste your time voting
Just stay indoors and await them alter life’s settings
True democracy is the road to socialism
Badly practiced democracy is worse than cannibalism
This should not be evolution – a place of for natural selection
For it is enough that people know there was an election

The people who cast the vote decide nothing
The people who count the votes decide everything
Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for the appointment of corrupt few
Putting behind bars or sending on exile those who are true
Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians
If it would depend on popularity, Anini would have made an excellent politician
Today as we grow decadent, the language grows decadent too
For politicians are fast turning languages into a tool

Words are now used to disguise not to illuminate action
They have become a means of distraction
You can’t liberate a city by destroying it
You can’t give people a future by taking their will to live for it
Words are now to confuse – so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests
In Nigeria as Clinton pointed out – the masses vote who they hate
For today, elections have become a sort of advanced auction of stolen goods
For we are made to worship men that should be jailed as Lords

One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective
Election and power has become their only objective
People tell lies the most before an election
A politician is always concerned about the next election never the next generation
So as a people we need to think and put us first
And elect only men that we believe will take us to a place of rest
Together say NO to dividends received before and during election
And stand for benefits enjoying by all even to unborn generation

This is our nation’s summation
In our short history as a nation
We have shot a President and another on his own accord and greed meeting death
Worried one to near insanity till he took the path of death
Allowed one of the Presidents’ come twice
We’ve seen presidents step down voluntarily twice
And took stones to send another packing before he stepped down as he called it
And gave another less than 6 months to join the list of misfits

And one asked for a third term
Though all generally ask for a second term
And when all else fails, we call for an election
To pick men who have assassinated their character during the process of selection
This has been our history
A history of sad story
In 2015 we have a chance to start afresh
A chance to pick one with a head, a conscience, a vision, a heart -all in one flesh

In a twist of fate
We can get ahead in faith
There is none that holds us back like ourselves
For destiny isn’t an ornament on the shelves
Every day and every passing moment we write our tomorrow
The lay the seed for glory or sorrow
That we call un-important helps in the writing of our story
For our futures are ours solely

There is none that can kill us like we can
For that which is in us that we never tap into will remain
The race for a better tomorrow is not for one
Your hands in mine will make the world sane
It takes all of us together to move ahead
For the broken is mended by many good heads
I speak again and again for the greater glory that waits to be touched
Our present state is nothing compared to honour untapped

I don’t claim monopoly in the building of a New Nigeria
Your willingness to see a better you is the criteria
The future is not written out to be lived out
For we daily make path for how our future turns out
Too much water can never drown garri
Hot water cannot kill garri
Nigeria has seen hell and today we take a step
We have come, seen and conquered the test

Same thing that has divided nations yet we stay together forever
That which made gods shivers
We have had tribalism
We have seen nepotism
Brothers rising against brothers
Sisters rising against sisters
We have seen the fall of the family system
We have witnessed the loss, fall and rot of moral stem

The police attacking those who lives is theirs to protect
The government deceiving the masses that gave them the privilege to direct
We have lived through poverty
We have had our education backward just to kill our creativity
Politicians turn friends to win hearts to get their votes
And turn to the monsters that makes the people revolt
We have had money missing so often that it became a normally
We have had common sense thrown out the window for the will of thieves legally

We have seen our roads turn to dead traps
Our homes turned mere camps
We have forgotten electric companies exist as we lay hold to our lamps
As the water corporation gives us air from our taps
We have schools with new steel bars and metal detectors with old books
We have a generation of mothers who knows not how to cook
We have fathers who believe their sole purpose is to provide money
As kids assume their lives are given to have fun and food in their tummies

Every day we see a child born into sorrow
In a country that has no plan for their tomorrow
Hunger in our kitchen, taxes in our pockets filled with holes
Religious bodies demanding absolute obedience and giving from souls
Hospitals that are fast becoming death’s agent
Our drugs are made of chalks’ reagent
Our constitution is nothing but laws in book for formality sake
The masses are given promises and told to believe for posterity’s sake

Different rules operate for the citizens
You are above the law if you can grace the front covers of magazines
The education sector commanded with the job to train minds to become slaves who labour without gain
We wake and live everyday through pain
Jail term is given to anyone that questions the order of the day
For corruption has become the norm of the day
Elections are won in clubs and bars
Daily is lived through agony and trials

The Satan we harbor has become our government
Nothing makes sense for the good so has become nonchalant
With things getting worse
There still was a hope that wasn’t false
In the midst of trials and tribulations
In a country filled with bribery and corruption
There remain a glimpse of hope for freedom and liberation
There still is a possibility of celebration

For if the world be the work of a divine being – this can’t be the last chapter of Nigerians
A play never ends with the evil having the last say and good watch like a moron
The still remains a next page
For things are bad enough to catapult us to the next stage
The time is now to stand on the side of good
Now is the time to discard that which breeds greed
Let’s stand bold for our own hope knowing there is something better than what we have at the present
Let us take hold of the moment

We live at the verge of history
A time where we shall be the authors’ of our new story
It will take more than our hope and believe to see a new Nigeria
We shall say NO to corruption and YES to justice for a new Nigeria
Every child shall be thought the ethics of old which were cherished by our ancestors
We shall teach them the joy of living right in all borders
A chance to start from scratch beckons on is in 2015
The onus of the future is ours to decide in 2015

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