Maybe not Maybe (Part 3)

People create – stories create people
Or rather stories create – people create stories
We are each day born again
For every day is life’s opportunity to start again
For when life gives up on us – he checks us out
But when we give up on life – we check out
For death is life’s way of saying ‘you are fired’
And suicide is our way of telling life ‘you are fired’

When the British came to the Ibo land for instance at the beginning of the 20th century
With smiles on their faces and in their pockets penury
And defeated the men in pitched battles in different places
They me ran with their heads bowed and courage shattered in pieces
They set up their administrations, the men surrendered
The men gave up on hope and derailed
And it was the women who led the first revolt
Their blood and tears steered the revolt’s boat

When a tradition gathers enough strength to go for centuries
Irrespective of the pressure from all other countries
You don’t turn it off in one day
To accept gay rights as the order of the day
Yes they are human but what they indulge in is immoral
For none with an understanding of tradition will call it amoral
What if we saw two male dogs having sexual intercourse?
Or will it be okay seeing two female goats having intercourse?

An artist in my understanding of the word
Should side with the people against the Emperor that oppresses his or her people in their world
When I began going to school and learned to read
I encountered stories of other people and other lands
The whole of idea is to simplify
So we could have our dreams amplify
Art should help in emancipation of the minds
And not just for the entertainment of minds

Instead of going through the problem of all this diversity – that it’s this
Or maybe that is
You have just one large statement
And together we can make the announcement
It is this
A country that says this is and it is
A nation that stands for justice
And not one that screams peace in the absence of justice

We have not always elected the best leaders
We have been handed the worst dealers
Particularly after a long period in which we have not used this facility of free election
But rather has been shut out to accept their selection
You tend to lose the habit
Now we can stand together and decide what we shall permit
Wise words from Chinua Achebe
But yet hasn’t kept foolishness at bay

You sit on the throne and dish out lies
You have been on the chair so long that when you die
Tell your people to bury you on your stomach to give your ass a break
For all you stand for is that which won’t last till day break
We want to be more foreign – become the British who won’t hug
Rather showing affection to only horses and dogs
Forgetting that as Africans we do know the meaning of love
For our culture of hospitality is rooted and grounded in love

There are those days when the truth goes back into hiding
But emancipation is at the corner as their powers that held us bound are fading
We face great odds but we are armed with our courage
We shall burn with hope and rage
To break bars that hold us back
To keep attacking and then re-attack
Even if we don’t win the battle for this generation in our life time
There is joy knowing the future generations will have it better because of our time

Wisdom abound from men who in death still speak direction
They have departed in flesh yet maintain a connection
Fathers who promised to be with us forever
Ready to sail or sink with us in life’s river
There are those who still remain in the flesh
Despite being used as threshing ground still stay fresh
They abound in every sector
Willing to be the nation’s tutor

From the Diasporas are the words of Ben Okri
One whose uncanny wisdom can set blocked minds free
We plan our lives according to a dream that came to us in our childhood
The innocence of childhood
And we find that life alters our plans
Only willing to reward those who still stand
And at the end, from a rare height
We also see that our dream as our fate

It is just that providence had other ideas as to how we would get there
A path that will ultimately conquer our fear
Destiny plans a different route
Asking from us our maximum input
Or turns the dream around
As if it were a needle
And fulfils the dreams in ways we couldn’t have expected
And takes us to a point where all we wished for is perfected

The worst realities of our age is manufactured realities
The opium of Western societies
It is therefore our task, as creative participants in the universe to re dream our world
The fact of possessing imagination means that everything can be dreamed
Each reality can have it
If only we can dream it
Our country isn’t beyond redemption
It starts first from the point if imagination

Today we understand the power of the Mormon
The politician and the magician have much in common
They both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing
To make us focus on what they are saying
The purpose of education is to break imagination’s dormancy and activate the thinking capacity to create
When you can imagine you begin to create
And when you begin to create you realize you can create a world you can prefer to live in
Rather than a world that you are suffering in

Politics is the act of the possible
Creativity is the art of the impossible
We know that human beings are capable of anything
If we put in our hearts we can become anything and everything
The greatest religions convert the world through stories
Morals and principles are easily remembered through fables
To anyone who is homeless I say find a home
A house doesn’t make a home

Reading, like writing is a creative act
This is a known fact
If readers only bring a narrow range of themselves to the book
Then they will see their narrow range reflected in the book
The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create
For we can be more than what we are irrespective of if our current state
To overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering
For surely we shall smile in the morning

Don’t despair too much if you see beautiful things being destroyed
Don’t faint or feel discouraged
If you see them perish – because the best things are always growing in secret
Until the time is right they don’t get introduced to the streets
Stories can conquer fear; they can make the heart bigger
They are the secrets of men who has grown stronger
I learned that life will go through changes
Up and down, and up again is what life does

I lived rough, by my wits, was homeless, lived on streets, lived of friends’ floors, was happy, was miserable
But at the end I don’t remain horrible
Where there is no imperfection there is no story to tell
For the pain and battles will become the stories we tell to sell
Our time here is magic
A time to live above the limits of logic
It is the only space you have to realize whatever it is that is beautiful
A chance from the creator to be fruitful

Whatever is true, whatever is potential, whatever is rare, and whatever is unique – only in this space
During the race of life we get to live the magic and leave behind a legacy
Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide
Politics become beautiful when it has nothing to hide
We can get to the dream our nation had at birth
Even if it will cost us our death
A road map to the future from Ben Okri
Where we all can stand fulfilled and free

3 thoughts on “Maybe not Maybe (Part 3)” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. A nice piece! However, there’s a minute observation. In line 13 of your poem, a letter seems missing – “They me[n] ran with their heads bowed and courage shattered in pieces”
    I love the flow!

  2. @innoalifa thanks for pointing it out boss, I appreciate

  3. …always welcome @ogbolesamson… Keep on!

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