Surviving at the mercy of an empty road…

Waking up to see a bright beautiful morning,

Hoping to get through to my destination in a faraway land

A world familiar to me but unfriendly to me

Wondering if my life was a mistake

Living in fear with a blank hope for tomorrow

Playing hide and seek so I don’t get caught

And when I decide to explore a little,

I get chased like I have no right!

But everyone has a purpose (me included)

I would just have to play all day till I get caught

But I am just a little ant…

What is my wrong?


3 thoughts on “Mariam” by Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

  1. lol….the chronicle of an ant called ‘Mariam’?

    I don’t get it…

  2. “And when I decide to explore a little/I get chased like I have no right!” I feel for the ant who stands as a human symbol…

  3. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    @afronuts the same way we name our dogs I named the ant Mariam. I took the ant as a person figure because it has life.

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