letters by funmi

Letters By Funmi (#lbf) – Virginity

letters by funmi
letters by funmi

It’s not a load that I carry
Nor is it a burden that I bear
That I didn’t give it out to Emeka, Ige, Tanko or Harry
Means I care enough to guard against wear and tear *smiles*

My Virginity
My pink seal of innocence
My Virginity
Not for trading on the table of cash or eloquence

Like a queen I prepare myself
Like a queen I will be courted
Like a King he carries himself
Like a King he’ll be rewarded

Clasped under his loving arms
Eyes opening up to his loving smile
I’ll walk from girl to woman with no fear of harm
I’ll walk from girl to woman with my garland and my smile.

13 thoughts on “Letters By Funmi (#lbf) – Virginity” by Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

  1. Beautiful words,beautiful lines,beautiful message.

    1. @mcsnol thanks for stopping by…really do appreciate it.have a great day.

  2. @mcsnol, to say the lines above are beautiful is to understate a fact. Without mixing words, @dees-hive is coming to the scene like a master poet who cannot drink coffee without some verse by the side… I’m kind of speechless…

    1. @innoalifa *smiles* sometimes i wonder where you get your bars from. thanks for stopping by…i appreciate your comments.

      1. It just kind of flow like your lines @dees-hive gushing forth from your mouthful poetic style…*smiles*

  3. I totally agree with @mcsnol….very trippy poem. Very good job @dees-hive

    1. thanks… @six your comments are appreciated. glad you like it.

  4. Nice.
    keep it coming

    1. @topazo thanks for stopping by. appreciated

  5. I like, i like, i like! Dat’s al!

    1. @sambrightomo i appreciate, i appreciate, i appreciate

  6. @dees-hive, eh, who you dey safe am for? That one Mama warned you about is eyeing you. Lol. Good effort.

    1. @howyoudey *smiles* thanks for stopping by.

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