Letter from a Rebel

Dear mother,

I know you brought me up in the way of the Bible,
And yes I know you’ve prayed for me never to stumble.
I know you wish I was a child who’ll follow in father’s footsteps,
But you see, things don’t always go the way we expect.

I know you want the best for me,
And yes I know it’s the good life you want me to live.
But you see, life plays a fast game on us all,
Things can’t always go the way we want.

I know you think I’m a disappointment,
And yes I know you still hope I’ll seek for atonement.
But you know every boy becomes a man,
And every man has to choose on which track he’ll run.

I know you wish I can live a life that doesn’t entail danger,
And yes I know you still say that prayer,
But you see, I’m a rebel, I always have been,
I can only hope you’ll not count it to me as sin.

I know you love me,
And yes I love you too.
But you see, once a rebel, always a rebel.
This is the man I’m meant to be.

James Ogunjimi

3 thoughts on “Letter from a Rebel” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. I read through like a rebel associating with a rebel. It’s actually the case that things don’t always turn out the way we want them but what can we change about certain realities that have been there since the beginning? Every child ought to grow to be a man and every woman as well… It’s a nice piece!

  2. So you’re proud to be a rebel. Who says you can’t change; you can if you want to.

    Well written.

  3. @bunmiril, You Are So Right. Nice Writeup

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