I Have A Little Story

The poem is about a young girl who was raped at 6 and the aftermath of the rape on her psychologically.


I have a little story
Excerpt from my allegory
Hope and Island of Great Glory
It’s all about poor Glory
A very little ‘cherry’
Who had a sorry story
While she was just a poor fairy
According to her diary
She met a man so hairy
On a day so bleary
While coming from the library
Built inside her primary
A gentle school solitary
Beside a little poultry
Adjacent a bakery
She heard a luring psaltery
Oozing from a storey

As she was by the storey
Being not so wary
A bulky man so hairy
With a face so scary
Looking very eerie
Jumped out of the storey
And tore apart her saree
And molested her girlry

Then he bent to carry
The crying little berry
Who was once a Mary
To the dirty storey
An uncompleted storey
Beside a clay so miry
Between a lonely quarry
And a dusty factory

He lit a fire so fiery
Close to her eyes so teary
Threatening in fury
That he will surely bury
The sad-looking Glory
If she reveals the story
To any living jury
Living in the country
Or to the infirmary
Farther from the primary

He left her in great hurry
Leaving her system jittery
And her future blurry
Receiving no query
For the deed so gory

With her face so watery
And her mood so wintry
She began to hurry
But when she saw a lorry
She had a thought to tarry
In front of the lorry
To grind her to slurry

Luckily for Glory
A man glimpsed the mystery
And has threatened to carry
The odd case to the jury
To be charged with battery
Or to the head so hoary
Who has lived a century
In contrasting rivalry
With the fam’ly of Harry
Who begins the mystery

But with a mere bribery
Of a healthy blackberry
And a confectionary
The talking dictionary
In the name of big Larry
Decides he will now bury
The sad case of poor Glory
A case of treasure robbery
Not thinking it treachery
Since gifts from randy Harry
will do for him to remarry
She becomes now more weary
When she gets the bad story
That if she chose to marry
A baby she’ll not carry
For the severe injury
To her tender ovary
And her slender urinary
By the illegal ‘surgery’
In the name of adultery
Committed by bad Harry

Shortly after the scenery
There comes an obituary
Just in that same January
It is that of bad Harry
Fighting for his sanctuary
Backed up by ten cavalry
And ten other infantry
And ten more artillery
Coming from the armoury
Whom he will pay salary
But he ends in mortuary
In the fight of rivalry
Where he has no victory

Despite the death of mad Harry
Nothing changes for sad Glory
Being haunted by her memory
Now hating men like cemetery
And dabbles in harlotry
Playing with it like a lottery
Using it like a cutlery
To cut Tom, Diick and Harry
Lying with all and sundry
She brings to her gallery
Luring them with her tracery
Glommed to her neck like jewelry
Protecting not her womanry
Drooling pleasure like nectary
Yet not having to worry
Since babies she can’t carry
No matter her open harlotry

Close to the end of her diary
She crosses her boundary
By loving a ‘cemetery’
Promising him her treasury
Without demanding a usury
She was ready for dowry
Which she will bring in February
Having jettisoned her harlotry
Wanting now to go marry
In what she calls a big ferry
Better than a large dory
Which is extraord’nary

Amazingly comes what to carry
In the womb like jewellery
Happy for her mammary
Glands to be for unborn Terry
Just by her deed with young Jerry
That single night so dreary
But Jerry refuses to marry
The pregnant damsel with long saree
But suggests she should miscarry
The foetus in her she’ll soon carry
And then proceed to go marry

But Glory refuses to bury
Alive the seed in her tayberry
Whose coming’s making her heart merry
And has turned around her sad mem’ry
To nothing but a history
To bring again her gone glory

To tell you in summary
The latter end of her diary
She ended up her life story
Ensconced in my allegory
Her ‘ending-well’ life story
By having Jerry to marry

Isn’t this a great story?

5 thoughts on “I Have A Little Story” by sammyhoe (@sammyhoe)

  1. A great story indeed; well composed and well edited.

  2. Nice story
    Delivered in a lorry
    And you say it’s a little story!

    I love it.

  3. … a really beautiful poem, flooded with truth embroidered with well-chosen rhyme-full words…

  4. lol…this is not a little story oh! Its a LONG story!

    And I can see you really exploited poetic license to create your own words in order to stay consistent with the rhyming patterns.
    But I know this will involve a lot of ‘thinkwork’ (lol…me using poetic license too!) and it did deliver.

    Well done.

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