Go Down There

Go Down There

As the river Nile floats

Go down way to Egypt

The slashes stay on skin

Oppressed till the coming of night

Years hunched over on their backs


Go down way to Egypt

As the river Nile floats peacefully

Watch pharaoh gaze over his place

His beard pointed, his gaze piercing


Oh Moses, oh Moses

Come out and arise

The set time has arrived

The time to uplift your people

Has been christened by the blood of your father

Have no more misery, drink no more sadness

For onto pain, courage and hope are born


Go down, way down

Through the river Nile

Go down, way down there

And hasten to your people’s voice



3 thoughts on “Go Down There” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. “Go down, way down there.” Your choice of words really helped in bringing about a good poem. Keep on @wordsfromuyi!

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