Centenary Sentiments

In 1914 Nigeria became a country now 100 years later the incumbent president decided to invite everyone around the world to celebrate, our achievements, may be our defeat or perherps trials and tribulations. Personally I think that a lot is at stake.

In 1966 unity schools were created by the federal government to promote unity among Nigerians, at about 10 years ago, they were ideal schools. But along the line many things went wrong, every able body takes their children to private schools, which means that our unity schools now constitute of mainly lower class individuals which means lesser importance is given to our schools.

I attended a unity a school and I can say it was wonderful and event full experience, I felt safe be it in class or hostel, we never had a reason to worry about our safety, we even roamed around at night to fetch water, our parents did not have any reason to worry because they were rest assured we were safe and sound,

February 25 is a day no Nigerian should forget, FGC Buni-Yadi was attacked by alleged insurgents and about 59 people mainly students were massacred in the most demeaning way, they were shot at, burned and mutilated.

The dead tell no story, but the living witnesses will have to live with the shock and terror of seeing their fellow students murdered in front of their eyes, in the most gruesome way, to think it could have been them, to have to live with that is indeed a tragedy.

Today the mere thought of the name “FGC” sends a shudder down my throat, what if it was 10 years ago that this massacre took place, what if it was in FGGC bwari, I could have been one of the victims or seriously traumatised survivor that has to live with memory of watching my friends die a tragic death.

Did Nigerians think of the dead children while lavishly celebrating and sharing awards at the so called centenary ccelebrations, was it so important, did the nation even mourn them, will mere condolence speech and promises to find their attackers sooth the pain of the families of the victims, was the incident addressed at the centenary celebration, is it not a matter of national security after all FGC Buni-Yadi is a unity school which is supposedly run by the federal government, While about 59 families were distraught and mourning the unexpected loss of thier children who held their hopes and aspirations for the future, about 25 presidents were dinning and celebrating in Nigeria, A country where not long ago innocent children were massacred. And all we have got from the authorities are lamentations and vituperation.

What does the future hold, what is the guarantee that is is not the first of more similar attacks to follow, what measures are being taken to safeguard the rest of the unity schools.


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  1. This is the time to think. Is the Nigerian project worth it? Why are there extremely few writers on this site thinking about how to end the Boko Haram menace? Any of those students could have been your loved one, or even you. We cannot all carry guns and fight but we can think, talk, write and let the world know the facts we have. I dare members of this site to do what real writers do; engage the challenges of our times.Who knows where salvation will come from? Or do you think terrorism knows boundaries?

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