An Unending Dream

I walked down the streets of Paris,
Set my eyes on the eiffel tower
There begins my dream of a never
Ending tomorrow.

I wafted and crafted an identity
Took a bow and shot an arrow
In Cupid’s style,
I dance to the rhythm of the moon.

The stars lined up in their gay apparel
Still dreaming the undreamable
Enroute my chosen destination
On the shoulders of Monalisa’s ensemble

I am you,
I can dream
And you can follow
A dream forever, a reality that may never


3 thoughts on “An Unending Dream” by Tolu Daniel (@toludaniel)

  1. “I dance to the rhythm of the moon.” – a well-crafted piece!

  2. Colorful lines.

    “The stars lined up in their gay apparel” — lol…this line made me imagine you were talking about stars that were homosexuals…

    1. lol…we can’t just read or hear the word gay without thinking homosexuals…*Sigh our minds have been tainted forgetting the word held different meanings before we even knew about homosexuality. Nice Poem by the way.

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