Adam and Steve  1

Adam and Steve 1

The drops fell lazily on his body as he turned down the shower. He gazed directly at the drops, each splash trickling down his broad, hairy chest.

Damn, he groused as he stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom; the soft hotel towel tied firmly around his slim waist. Even with a cold bath and controlled breaths, he was getting hard, again. He wished there was something else he could do to get his bulge down. Any new trick. Anything other than what had always been his last resort. He had avoided using a soap to bathe. He didn’t trust his hands with a soap, especially with an erect penis. He felt like a teenage boy again. The strong rush of adrenaline and wild, vile thoughts.

Grim. Grim. He made a dash for the room immediately he heard that peculiar tone. The sound of the incoming call had momentarily halted the flow of his thoughts, ushering instead a new sense of awareness; he’d forgotten to call his girlfriend, Margaret.

“Hello Maggie” he said. His voice slightly breathy.

“Where are you?”

“I just stepped out of the bathroom”

“Oh! You didn’t call me.” He clearly heard the fall in her tone. He wished he had made the call immediately he reached the hotel.

I have to sound convincing enough, he thought. “I had to take a shower. I planned calling – ” she didn’t let him finish. He was grateful she had interrupted. He knew how terrible he was at coming up with excuses.

“How was the flight?”

The flight. Yeah, the flight. If only he could just tell her that it had all been a lie.


“Fine. The flight was fine. Smooth”

“You sound, strange. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Its fatigue, nothing unusual”

“I…….You – ” Maggie heaved a breath. “I’ll let you rest.”


“Love you”

“Same here”

Steve opened the door to the room. He smiled as he took in the sight of the it.

Bless him, he whispered. This reservation is just, perfect.

He threw his bag ahead of him. “Perfect” he muttered as the bag dropped on the bed. He adjusted the bag to allow enough space for himself.

Everything just seemed, perfect. Steve wished for nothing more than, perfect. That was what the trip was all about. Dotun had suggested the trip to him. Dotun had also made good his promise of finding out a perfect reservation for him.

Steve pulled gently at the soft towels that lay beside him on the bed.

Deep breathe in. Hold. Let out slowly. Anne would always stress the word ‘slowly’. Anne Badmus, his former fitness coach turned girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend. Strange, at a time he was single and all-alone, he felt happier. His father was busy touring the world with his young wife; a wife who had little to offer other than a beautiful body. His younger sibling -Katherine – was all over town getting ‘laid’ in the name of pursuing a stupid modeling career.

The vibrations of his mobile phone seem to jolt him.

“Hello. You’ve not been picking my calls”

“Oh, sorry. The phone had been in my bag. Vibration. I arrived safely”

“Yeah, yeah. If you hadn’t, you won’t be answering this call.”

Steve laughed in his simple, almost effeminate manner. “Too bad, I’m still alive”

“How was the Lagos traffic from the Airport?”

“Strangely, smooth”

“I hope you like the hotel?”

“I love it. You don’t disappoint, man”

“Hmmm. I leave you to enjoy, paradise. I got to go now. Work”

“Oh, do have fun.” Steve knew Dotun well. Work at this time of the day, especially on a weekend meant only one thing; clubbing.

“One more thing. You might want to check the bar downstairs. They have a special Friday drink. Its called Rogue.”


Dotun let a small laugh. “Actually, its the French word for colour Red. I can’t remember how its pronounced.”


“Yeah. Roozh. Funny how its pronunciation differs from its spelling.”

Steve laughed again. “I’ll check it out – ”

“Now?” Dotun interrupted.

“Yeah, now”

“Cool. Bye, man.”

Salut. Bonne soirée


Steve chuckled. “Bye. Have a good evening”


Je t’aime.” Steve was sure he had pressed the red button on his phone before he said it. Je t’aime. I love you.

“Hello. I’m sure he would be heading to the bar very soon.”

“You sure?” the voice at the other end needed assurance.

“Trust me”

“Ok. Thanks”

Dotun ended the call, smiled and slid the phone inside his jeans pocket.

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  1. Nice buildup!!. I’m certainly hopping on this train ride.

    1. @kingobozy…..

      Thanks for the comment. I’m on the ride too.

  2. I’m on this ride too; hope we’re going somewhere I wouldn’t mind going. If not, I can easily find my way back o driver.

  3. @bunmiril…..

    Lol. Fine your way back? Ah! Don’t worry, its a ride that would take you PLACES.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice…….wanna belt up for this journey cos this beginning is sooo good

    1. @kay…..

      You’re welcome. Enjoy the ride.

      Thanks for the comment.

    1. @ayobare…..

      Thanks. I appreciate the comment.

  5. Hmmmm! I think I know the destination. I will like to be surprised.

    1. @Nalongo…..

      Wow, have you seen the manuscript? I doubt. You’ll be surprised. Just join the ride.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. I think the title has given me an idea of the destination. We’ll see about that though. Good start.

    1. @Sir Sam……

      Hmmm. The title. I may have chosen it deliberately. Well, lets wait and find out.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Don’t want to think up any possible “destinations” yet. Just steer us right driver, steer us right.

    1. @Dominic Ohai……

      Fasten your seat belt. You’re in for a good ride.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. well can’t see where the story is pointing at except for destination i have in nmind.
    goood ride though

    1. @sarah…..

      Hmmm. That kinda destination, abi. Well, lets see what the coming episodes will reveal.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Namdi…I know you dont dissapoint…but if you do!….trust me, i’ll come for you

    1. @Soogun……

      Lol. Firstly, thanks for the compliment. Secondly, I won’t disappoint; no falling hand, at all.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. @namdi, I am sure you will surprise people that think they know where this is heading.
    I bet the twists will be coming in from all sides.
    I love the dialogue. The characters are interesting too.
    Good start.

    1. @olajumoke……

      I appreciate the comment. I’m happy you like the dialogue. Sincerely, I’m using this series to develop my ability in writing better dialogues; I’m happy you noticed the effort, even in the first episode.

  11. @namdi, nice start to a story, got me hooked even though I have an idea of how it will go on and possibly end I still can’t wait to read what’s next.

    1. @danjuma……

      Well, we’ll wait till the next episodes. I’m sure you wont loose interest.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. I like the way you write….its got this matured angle, simplicity and class about it. The flow is seamless, the references to related characters are witty, intelligent and the dialogue realistic.

    Unfortunately, I don’t like reading stories about homosexual relationships. That’s my only ‘but’ in this case.

    1. @Afronuts…..

      Wow! Nice compliments. Thanks for appreciating my style of writing.

      About homosexual relationships; hmmm. Please, I’d appreciate it if you’ll read the other episodes. This series MAY not be about the stereotyped view of ‘Adam & Steve’.

  13. I’m following the story… hoping to get somewhere… a good piece…

    1. @innoalifa…..

      Wow, I’d appreciate that. Thanks for the comment.

      1. you’re welcome but make sure you keep us alive…

        1. @innoalifa……..

          I don’t understand the “keep us alive” part of your comment.

          1. I mean make your words and descriptions lively @namdi… a good one!

            1. @innoalifa……

              Ok. I understand now. Thanks again.

              1. You’re welcome!

  14. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    expecting more intrigue from the next sequel and nice title you got there,caught my attention…….

    1. @ihenyengladysusile…..

      Ok. Thanks for the comment.

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