A Wayward Son

Chief Chuka was a reputable man in the society, he was in his sixties, his wife died when he was fifty years leaving him with his only son, Tobias, Catherine died of heart attack, her death shook her community, chief chuka wept so bitterly for her wife, and he intended not to marry again.
Chief Chuka is a Successful Businessman whose reputation is far and beyond, his community loved him so tenderly, he is a generous giver, he helped the poor in his community, he was also a kind man, people loved and cherished him a lot.
Chief Chuka lived alone with his son in a Bungalow, he have a body guard who was in charge monitoring the compound as well as opening and locking the Compound gate whenever Chief chuka leaves for office with his Camry Jeep and returns home, His Son Tobias was his only headache, Tobias exhibits a lot of bad character, he was womanizer, a criminal though gentle but a green snake under the green grass, he exhibited a lot of evil trait, he also stole from his father.
His Mum had warned him to detest from his bad ways just before she kicked the bucket but Tobias turned a deaf ears, His father had caught him red handed on several occasions trying to steal from his clothes, he tried to lie but his father punished him.
At Sixteen years, Chief Chuka had caught him trying to steal hundred thousand in his room from his trousers, he dealt with him mercilessly as well as handling him over to the police, Tobias slept at the Police station for two days but despite all the punishment his notoriety grew from worse to worst
At Seventeen years, Chief Chuka had caught his son trying to steal Six hundred thousand from his savings box, his father was infuriated, and he dealt with him severally by locking him up at one of his boy quarters for three weeks serving him afternoon food only.
After his release, Tobias refused to repent, it became uncontrollable as it grew worst, and he would sneak away with a huge sum of money when his father was eating alone at the parlor and if Chief Chuka slept at the Parlor. Most times his father was unaware of petty money missing in his bed room but due to certain observations he discovered, he began to be more careful, he make sure his bed room twenty four hours properly locked while at home and away.
At Twenty-four years, Tobias joined the notorious robbers, his friends Matthew, Henry, Bucker and Silas, Timothy and Sunday were not excluded, Tobias was taught how to operate a gun, and Silas taught him everything about handling of guns. Every Tuesday by 2:00pm the robbers always gather themselves at Tobias house and by 5:00pm they leave, they could not extend the time limit because Chief Chuka normally arrive home at exactly 5:40pm while on Wednesday they usually hold their meetings at Silas home, Silas was the head of the gang, he is thirty two years, a notorious criminal, dark in complexion and a sharp shooter, He had murdered his parents when he was twenty three years, he shot his parent at Midnight since his parents usually leave their room open, Unknowingly to them, Silas flung the door open, this awoke his parents, Silas shot them both at the Forehead leaving their body lie lifeless as he escaped through jumping the fence of the compound unknown to gate-man who was in a deep sleep. The News of the death of Silas Parent spread like wild fire as the Suspect was yet to be arrested.
It was 5:00pm, the meeting of the robbers at Tobias home came to an end, they all agreed to rob, two houses as the modality had already been discussed, Matthew, Henry and Silas were to rob Chief Ignatius while Timothy Sunday and Tobias were to rob Mrs. Antonia, a business tycoon . Tobias escorted them a bit before returning home.
At 5:40pm, Chief Chuka returned home, his gate-man rushed to open the gate for him helping him carry his suitcase to the living room, he was so tired, Tobias greeted him and he quickly went to his own room but Chief Chuka Ignored him, Chief Chuka had his bath, took his lunch and he we went to his room to sleep locking himself up, he slept off.
It was Thursday, At 11:30pm, Tobias sneak out of the house, he climbed the fence and he landed at the street, everywhere was so dark, he went straight to Sunday house as it has been scheduled, Timothy was already there and was fully prepared, the three were fully prepared.
Mrs. Antonia was Business Woman, she had only one kid, cosmas, and her husband had died five years ago. She lived in a bungalow and she had a gate-man, Kenneth. Kenneth was at the boy quarter sleeping as the gate of the compound was properly locked.
Tobias was to stay outside the compound while Sunday and Timothy move in, Sunday burgled the door leading to the entrance of the house as Sunday had experience in burgling big padlocks both boys tip toed, Timothy switched on the light of the parlor, Mrs. Antonia was sleeping at the parlor at the chair while her son slept on another chair as often times Mrs. Antonia and her son usually slept at the Living room.
Mrs. Antonia quickly awoke when she saw the light of her parlor switched on, Behold! She had wanted to scream but warned or she will be fired.
“Where is your money?” demanded Sunday rudely, Mrs. Antonia been so afraid quickly led him to the bedroom, the money were neatly wrapped in bundles and she handed it to Sunday, the money was four hundred million. They both warned her never to make noise or leak information otherwise she will be killed; the light was switched off and both were at the compound, the three jumped the fence of the compound and they began to ran hastily.
The News of the robberies spread like wildfire most especially the death of Chief Ignatius, Chief Ignatius had refused to cooperate by allowing the boys (Matthew, Henry, Bucker and Silas) to search his room, Silas who was so angry at this development shot Ignatius severally leading to his death, the four boys rushed inside the bedroom searched and found only seven million naira after which they tip toed jumped the fed of the compound and they all fled.
“Anyone with any useful information about the death of chief Ignatius should come forward for an Handsome reward” Said the reporter after the end of his speech. The reward was so tempting that many youths show willingness in getting the culprit
“Please I want you to pray for my son, he is becoming abnormal,” said chief Chuka, he narrated the ordeal of his son to Pastor David, his son who was twenty seven years had began to exhibit symptom of madness since last year, he had bump all over his body. Tobias slept in his room oozing blood from his mouth, he would dance naked in his room and sometimes running around at the living room naked this could last for twenty minutes, and his father had really suffered a lot from him.
Pastor David was a young Man in his Late forties, he had a gift of prophesy and healing. He is a well-known pastor in his district; people usually come to him from far and near for counseling.
“Your son Tobias is running mad because souls he killed are tormenting him, he has wasted a lot of blood while robbing” said pastor David as he narrated to Chief chuka, Chief chuka wept, he never knew his son was an armed robber, his son had always lied to him that he worked at a telecommunication office. His son was paying dearly for the atrocities he had committed, Two weeks Later, Tobias died.
Two years later, Matthew, Henry, Bucker and Silas were caught tried at the court and they were all to die by firing squads while Timothy and Sunday exchanged a gun battle with the Army, it was so fierce that three Army got killed, In the Process of retaliation, Sergeant Miletus fired straight at the back of timothy as he ran for retreat and he died instantly while Sergeant Demian and Linus gave Sunday a hot pursuit as Demian aimed at Sunday at a distance firing him instantly. This led to the demise of the Armed Robbers.

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