A little more time

 I feel let down,

I feel shamed,

I feel stupid.

I look at events gone by,

I know that I have made mistakes,

grave mistakes that have kept me

stressed, vexed, harassed;

the sort of mistakes

that keep you up all night

wondering, thinking, pondering

what went wrong and where?

Who went wrong and when?.


You look beyond the picture.

You see others

with drooping shoulders and dropped heads

with their arms folded, lips pursed,

sighing, hissing, stressing

on “how could you have let yourself get drowned”.


You see some others

sitting, standing, smiling

with outstretched arms, wide eyed stares,

haughty glares and hearty cheers

boasting, bragging, bashing

your image or rather what you have left of it

having a grand day, in fact, the day of their lives

all because you let yourself down.

If I did not have the capacity,

I would have doubted my ability.

But with this endowed capability,

whence the failure with sagacity?.


I feel I’m going down.

I see myself drowning.

I can’t look

my friends in the eyes.

I throw blames

around for my woes.


What is this I’ve done to myself?,

“I’ve been saved before!”,

Oh! how consoling!!

Will I be saved again?

My soul says Yes!

but my mind says No!

for it has come down to this.

Most exasperating

is knowing that

It could easily have been success

If you had put in

a little more time.

6 thoughts on “A little more time” by Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

  1. You shall be saved again…..


    1. Thanx. Im hapi u like it.

  2. It was well arranged and had a good message too. Nice one.

    1. @myne. Thanx so much.

  3. Straightforward and generally well written poem, @uchennaebo.

    I was confused by the POV switch, though. Why “you” in some verses, and “I” in others?

    Also, I didn’t get this:

    “whence the failure with sagacity?”

    Why ‘sagacity’?

    Well done.

    1. @TolaO. Thanx so much.
      It alternates between “you” and “I” as the flow switches from a lament to a reflection or observation.
      “Sagacity” is personified, e.g. “whence the car accident with Schumacher” (especially since he was behind the wheel). By the way, here’s to wishing him a full recovery. Cheers.

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