Web Principle

Web Principle

waiting_spider_webI went to a place this week and I saw a spider weaving a web, this is obviously not a new sight but for some reason I felt compelled to watch. I was interested in the craft. I know it is kinda creepy talking about a spider and all but endure a little more patience and you might learn something.

spider-and-webSo, as I was saying, I watched carefully and I was interested in this spider and its web. It wasn’t in a hurry to weave it and it took its time and patiently made that web pattern. When it was done, it settled down and moved a couple of centimeters away and waited. An unlucky fly ran into the invisible web and got trapped and this spider swiftly ran to the venue. The fly struggled to break free but the spider was quick to make a mommy out of the fly with thicker and stickier webs it produced. Then, it settled and ate its meal. What did I learn?

A few principles:
Preparation: it is key. It gives you an edge. It serves as a trap to catch opportunities. Be prepared so that when the opportunity comes, you wont be caught unaware. Your efforts may not be visible to people outside but that’s the beauty of it. Your secret hardwork, pays openly.
Patience: after all the preparations, execise patience, wait! Watch! Be vigilant! Don’t be idle be expectant and keep your eyes on the road. Be ready to attack the opportunity and make something out of it. If you doint watch you wont see
Pounce: Pounce on your opportunity. Be sure it is what you want and then pounce on it. Don’t let it escape. Sometimes your preparation may not be strong enough to trap the opportunity for long but your ability to pounce on it in time is what helps you make out an achievement out of the opportunity.
Finally Enjoy what you have worked for. Don’t dull yourself. In the process of enjoyment remember to invest for the future. You’ll eat only where you work and harvest only what you sow.
Be wise. If a spider can be this smart, you can be smarter. Use this principles and success will never be far from you. Your friends might mock you now but they’ll be your spectators in the enjoyment stage.





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