Waiting For My Daddy (Chapter 8)


Auntie Rose said she could do magic! We begged her to do some for us to watch but she said she had to cook first so we would all eat. By this time, Mummy had already left for the hospital, and we were seated on the veranda; myself, Auntie Rose and Oyigwe.  She first took her bath and then went into the kitchen. She prepared jollof rice for us all. The food was delicious but there was too much pepper in it. Oyigwe complained that our Mummy wouldn’t put such amount of pepper in a single meal, but I didn’t complain. I ate almost everything in my plate because I liked how she put a lot of sardine and crayfish in the rice. I drank plenty water to relieve my tongue of the biting taste of pepper. The peppery feeling even made my nose run while I ate and Oyigwe laughed at me.

Afterwards, Auntie Rose said we could watch her do her magic now. She asked me to get some pebbles. I quickly looked around and brought a few pebbles for her. I was very eager to watch her do the magic. First, she put the pebbles in the palm of her hand and closed it carefully. She said some strange words as she hid her hand behind her. When she brought her hand forward and opened her palm again the pebbles had disappeared, all of them!

“Whoa,” I almost screamed, “Where did they go?”

“Magic,” Auntie Rose said and smiled, “I used magic to hide them where nobody can find them except me. It is called A-b-r-a-k-a-d-a-b-r-a.”

“Can you do another one?” Oyigwe asked her. She was searching Auntie Rose’s hands to see if she could find where she hid the pebbles.

“Of course I can do different types of magic,” Auntie Rose said and winked at us. She opened both of her palms for us to see that there was nothing in them. Her palms were empty indeed! The pebbles had actually disappeared, I thought in awe.

“Can you also make all the bad people in this world to disappear?” I asked her; I wanted her to use her magic power to make the man that hurt our Daddy with his car to disappear forever so that he would not come back and hurt another person again. But she told me:

“I can’t do that one o. It’s only God that can make bad people disappear from this world.”

“Brother Paul told us that all bad people will go to hellfire and burn there forever, is that true?” I asked her.

“Yes of course. That is what the bible says,” Auntie Rose replied, “But who is Brother Paul?” she asked.

“He is our Sunday school teacher,” Oyigwe said to her.

“Let me go and call Tayo and Buki to come and watch your magic,” I said and wanted to stand up. But Oyigwe held me by the elbow and said I should sit down immediately. She hissed and said I liked to do sabi sabi. “Amebo like you!” she said to me, “Did anybody asked you to go and call them?”

“You’re amebo too,” I said to her. I was angry that she pulled me roughly to sit back.

“You will never mind your business. That was how the other day you broke three eggs in the crate.”

“Was it not an accident?” I replied, “Was it not because I didn’t know Mummy placed the crate close to the stove’s table?”

“And you also misplaced your sharpener last week.” Oyigwe reminded me.

“You too didn’t you lose the blue earrings that Mummy bought for you from Kabala market?” I said to her.

“You’re lying,” she replied and hissed, “The earrings are safe inside Mummy’s hand bag.”

“Say the truth and shame the devil,” I said.

“Who’s doing that one with you?” she said indignantly.

“I will tell Mummy you called me a liar.”

“Tell her if you want. Who’s stopping you,” my sister replied.



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  1. I stand to be corrected but I think this story is being dragged.
    Hit your point as soon as possible so you don’t loose readers or at least a reader.
    Well done.

  2. I’ve seen the fourteenth chapter, the chapters are not disjointed….

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