Waiting For MY Daddy (Chapter 5)


I didn’t wake up on time the next morning. The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I finally opened my eyes was that I was not in our bedroom at home. Memories quickly came back into my head; now I remembered I had slept in Tayo’s bed. Our Daddy and Mummy didn’t come back from the hospital yesterday so we had passed the night at our neighbours’ house.

I noticed Tayo was not beside me in the bed. I raised my head and peeped. Oyigwe and Buki were not in their bed either. Where have they all gone? I almost started to panic as I hurriedly sat up on the bed. I was afraid that maybe they had all gone to the hospital and left me alone in the house. I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door.

To my happiness, everybody was in the sitting room. Our Mummy was around too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her. She was seated in the sofa and was talking with Tayo’s Mummy. She looked tired. I went over and gave her a very big hug; the biggest hug I ever gave her. She was happy to see me too. She held me to herself, and appeared to search my face. “Did you miss me? I’m sure you behaved yourself in my absence?” she asked me.

I nodded and embraced her again.

“What about Daddy? Did you come back with him from the hospital?” I asked her.

“Daddy won’t be coming back home now, Otseme,” she told me, “The doctors are still treating his wounds.”

This made me sad. I wanted to see Daddy. There were so many things I wished to tell him that happened in his absence.

“Why won’t the doctors let him come home now?” I asked Mummy, “Why didn’t you tell them to allow him come home so we can take care of his injuries ourselves?”

“But you are not a doctor, Otseme,” Mummy reminded me and smiled. “The doctors know the right medicine to give your Daddy and make him recover quickly so he could come back home. They are specially trained to treat and care for people who are sick or got involved in a bad accident.”

I imagined the doctor holding a big injection and telling our Daddy to turn so he can inject his “bum bum”. I felt a sudden pity for him. But I reassured myself that Daddy was a strong man. I was sure injections wouldn’t make him afraid.

“Are you going back to the hospital today?” I asked Mummy afterwards; I wanted to find out so I could then tell her to let me and Oyigwe go along with her.

“Yes, of course. I have to be there in case your Daddy needs my help while the doctors treat his wounds,” she replied and stroke my head affectionately.

“Can we come with you to see him?” Oyigwe asked before I could say another word.

Mummy paused to think over my sister’s request and then said: “Yes. But first let’s go home so everybody can take a bath and eat breakfast.”

I was very happy to hear this; we were going to see Daddy at last. I would tell him how I missed him so much. I would tell him that we slept at our neighbours’ place because nobody was home to take care of us. Then I would pray with him and together we would ask Jesus to heal him and then the doctor would let all of us come home again.

“Can I wear the new cloth Daddy bought for my birthday to the hospital?” I asked Mummy.

She nodded and said yes.

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  1. I hope daddy us alive. My heart is beating so fast.

    1. @Tega, I honestly hope so too. Lol.
      Thanx for taking out the time to read. I appreciate.

  2. seriously getting anxious……………….

    1. @Kay. I am humbled that you took time out to read my post. Thanks.

  3. The mindset of a caring child. For the sake of sanity I really hope DaddY is alright

  4. Thanks for stopping over @kingobozy. I truly hope too that Daddy is alright.

  5. Hope Daddy will recover quickly.

  6. This is the first part i’m seeing. But i’ll still follow.

    1. @bunmiril, thank you for finding the time. I hope you find the read worthy of your time.

  7. just starting to read the story, hope to keep up with the rest

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