The First Woman’s Killer (1)

As handcuffs were placed around his pudgy wrist, Chief Buchi could still not believe what had happened. He’d been there, he’d witnessed it all yet he could not for the life of him understand why the police officers were reading him his rights.

Fate was cruel. The funny thing was that everything had started out like every bad Nigerian drama. As a man in his mid fifties with wealth and a pot belly, it was not surprising to know he had a mistress, a woman other than his wife who was the first woman he’d ever loved.

Ashley the long legged beauty had stolen his aged heart at a friend’s party and it had taken no time for him to set her up in a new apartment which he frequently visited. Not only did the young and long legged Ashley love him even with his grey hair and pot belly, she’d discovered last month that she was pregnant for him. He had received the news the way a starving man received a feast, with much joy and giddiness.

Ndubisi his wife of thirty years had not conceived a child for him. This, like every other drama, had been a long standing issue in their marriage. The flame of love that had birthed their marriage had died down, cooled further by Ndubisi’s passive nature. He much preferred the easily provoked and playful Ashley to Ndubisi whose passive and calm nature irritated him to no end.

Chief Buchi had proposed marriage to Ashley, but she’d refused, saying she wanted to be his only wife and not his second wife. He’d thought about divorcing Ndubisi, but immediately dismissed the idea because of the consequences. As an elder in the church, he was not allowed to divorce his wife or marry a second wife. The church would not silently accept his decision to do do, neither would Ndubisi’s father who was, unfortunately, still alive. Though Ndubisi’s father has supposedly disowned her for marrying him, he would still go to war for her. Ndubisi on her own would never divorce him if he asked her to. Not after all her investment in him. She was such a stubborn woman!

Finally he’d settled on the last solution available to him. Ndubisi had to die. He had to kill her and he had to do it in such a way that her death would seem like an accident. Oh, of course his conscience was bothered about it, but he pushed his conscience to one side. He’d never killed anyone before but for the sake of the long legged Ashley and his unborn child, he would kill the first woman he’d loved.

When Ndubisi had suggested they spend christmas in his village, he’d agreed upon remembering that at the back of his family’s property was a small cliff that rose about twenty feet from the ground. It was the perfect location for an accident.

That evening, he’d invited his wife out for a walk, claiming there was something interesting he wanted to show her. By the time they got to the edge of the cliff, Chief Buchi was sweating and breathing heavily. When he noticed that his petite wife was not even breathing hard, he hated her even more.

“Honey, I saw something strange at the bottom of this cliff. Move further and tell me if you see it.” He’d said.

She hadn’t even complained or questioned him. She obediently stepped forward until she was only two steps from falling over the grass stained cliff.

“I can’t see anything. What is it I should be looking for?” She asked.

He was already behind her, hands outstretched and about to shove her over the cliff. But he hesitated. This was Ndubisi. His wife, the first woman he’d loved. How could he kill her and still live with himself? He couldn’t go through with it.

But then something strange happened.

19 thoughts on “The First Woman’s Killer (1)” by Izzy (@Nmadu)

  1. Interesting narration. But the man get heart!

    1. @myne Yeah he does. Watch out for the second half of the story. Thanks!

  2. I hope I can’t predict this story; I’m waiting for the next part sha.

  3. Wow, Intreasting I Hope What Happens Next Is Not What I Have In Mind Though, Am Waiting For More

  4. …what long legged Ashley will cause ehn…lets see how this


  5. I’m hooked, officially.

  6. Interesting.

    But you have to watch out for contradictions in your storytelling. Compare this: “..Ndubisi whose passive and calm nature…”

    and this: “She hadn’t even complained or questioned him. She obediently stepped forward…”

    with this: “She was such a stubborn woman!” Are we still talking about the same person?

    1. Thanks for the pointing that out.

  7. Interesting…can’t wait to see if my suspicion is true

  8. @bunmiril @sara I hope you guys can’t predict the story too.

  9. Nice cliffhanger.

  10. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    That escalated quickly o!
    @obinwanne I do not think there is contradiction in the portrayal of Ndubisi, the contradiction is in the Chief’s perception of her…as he is looking for any excuse to despise her.

    Nice story!

  11. Hmmm, ghen ghen. Chief Buchi and his eyes…bigger than his pot belly. lol
    Liking the suspense though>>> on to the next part.
    P.s; since You’ve portrayed Ndubuisi as the ‘miss cool-calm-collected’ type, i doubt she’ll be as stubborn as Buchi’s claiming. Just saying..
    Good read. :)

  12. Nice one. Short one though. On to the next one.

  13. She jumped,right? Nice story.

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